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By Jo Phillips

Maybe it’s the first thought you have when waking up, I Need A Cuppa, your morning brew, your Masala Chai if the Indian style brew is more to your tastes, Çay if you are in Turkey or finally a builders brew in the UK. Could this be because Tea as much as being able to give us some get-up-and-go first thing or even calm us and refresh us it also has an aroma that actually affects our brain’s in a positive way? Find out more about the flow from bag to scent in Scent Diffused

A great cup of tea is not just about the taste (of course each to their own version), but also it uplifts our spirits or even brings a restful energy. We in many ways have a deep seated emotional connection with it. From memories of the family breakfast table of tea and cakes with granny to comforting to restorative quiet moments. Scent has a deep importance in our emotional journey.

After all great scent is more than the initial hit of smells, it is like tea, its about how you feel, what emotions take over mostly on a very subconscious level. Both the act of say drinking tea and smelling tea conjure up memories often so deeply embedded we don’t even notice

Scents have the ability to alter our emotions and moods more than any other sensory experience. This is because of the unique connection in the brain where scent, emotion, memories and associations are processed.”

 Dr Rachel Herz, neuroscientist and author of The Scent of Desire (HarperCollins, 2007)

So if we have a tea scent what would we expect to smell as scent is not a one layered event? To give you an idea the latest collection of room diffusers comes from niche fragrance brand Miller Harris. Included in the set of six different fragrances is a TEA scented elixir. So lets explore this first.

The ingredients they have used to bring this most divine of perfumes alive is based around three key notes, Bergamot Birch tar and Green tea.

Bergamot is a bitter, citrus fruit often referred to as bergamot orange yet it is yellow coloured like a lemon. If it doesn’t sound familiar it may be because we don’t eat bergamot as such, but it is the key ingredient in Earl Grey Tea that gives it its refreshing slight citrus tang.

Interestingly the name Bergamot derives from the Turkish words “beg-armudi” which means “The Prince’s Pear”.

A majestic fruit used in perfumery and considered the finest and one of the most importance ingredients in the fragrance world. It’s the bright spark in a scent; it opens up lightness and brightness, just like that morning cup of tea.

Next up is Birch tar which is from the dry distillation of the bark of the birch tree. Birch tar was used widely as an adhesive in very early civilisations and the scent is carries is smoky, resinous with a sweetly leathery accent.

Finally there is Green tea which is the same type of tea as we usually associate with black tea but has not gone through drying and oxidising process, so by nature it is fresher. Here it brings subtle herbal tones, refreshing, sweet-scented and invigorating element; a lighter angle to its darker black sister.

Miller Harris say of the Tea new room diffuser

Restorative and refreshing as a decent cuppa, our ‘Tea’ diffuser blends black tea leaves, green tea and earl grey with energising maté, enhanced by uplifting citrus notes of bergamot. Underscored with the warmth of nutmeg and an earthy, smoky base, it’s enough to restore tranquillity when you’re feeling frazzled“.

Alongside the tea scent find

Rose with notes of Turkish rose absolute, Blackcurrant, Cashmere and musk. Softness of pink and white roses, alongside gentle fruity accents of mandarin and blackcurrant.

Tabac with notes of Tobacco leaf, Patchouli, Cascarilla oil.
This scent combine rich enveloping notes of tobacco leaves, with woods, sage and spices set against a backdrop of sensual, earthy patchouli.

Santal with notes of Sandalwood, Pink Pepper, Olibanum.
Santal a woody note famed for its sensual, warm and subtly sweet character is given an added kick with pink pepper, together with earthy amber and moss notes, drying down to the rich sweetness of vanilla C02.

Mandarin with notes of Mandarin, Geranium and herby Marjoram.
Bright with citrus to uplift your home, this diffuser’s fresh, zesty notes are combined with an uplifting green accord to stunning effect. The scent opens with a citrus medley of Sicilian green mandarin, grapefruit and lemon, set against an aromatic blend of marjoram and geranium, anchored by a soft base of cedar, moss and musk.

Figue so finally find notes of Fig, Galbanum, Cedarwood
The rich complexity of fig is expertly captured in this beguiling blend, its sharp sweetness heightened by lush green Galbanum and sensual Cedarwood for a bouquet which is sublime as it is addictive and perfect for any time of year.

Also its very important to now that Miller Harris as a brand really lead the way in sustainability in perfumery.

The reed diffusers have been created with z plant base the glass bottles can be recycled as well as reused (think a chic vase for pampas). The reeds are natural, as opposed to synthetic, and carriers are plant based.

So next time you are ready for your morning brew your midday juice or even herbal drink in the taste and breathe in the scent and the powerful due will be all the more powerful, because some of the simplest things we take for granted can have the most enormously pleasing effect.

To find out more about these six new Room Diffusers head to Miller

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