Scented Love

By Cindy Seda Yildiz

Self-love? A term we hear bandied about all the time but what is it really and how can we achieve it? Self-love means having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness, not about being egotistical but meaning self-care and awareness of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being for the sake of others. Not putting yourself first always, but understanding when you need to do that. A balanced approach to looking after your needs as well as others. Know what you deserve and embracing it. Find out a little more about this in Scented Love. Image on left Harry

Getting to know what we need and want is not so straight forward, it’s not the thoughts like “I need chocolate now” it is much more about taking quiet time and sitting with your feelings and sensing what you mind, body and spirit is letting you know deep within your soul. Just relax, meditate and escape the reality. It is easier said than done, but the feeling afterwards would be worth it.


Honestly, sitting down and being with your feelings may not sound like a lot of relaxing fun. But, if you have some mood-setting aids, it can be a wonderful way to start the experience of self-love.


Take for example of a wonderfully scented candle that allows you to drift off into a cocoon of comforting scent. This journey can be provided by the brand 7 Over 7. Their candles have as a purpose to enhance meditation and self-development, hence, self-love.


The concept behind the brand is the seven candles, all with a different scent and distinct objectives. The various scents go from citrus to floral, herbal to even spicy fragrances.


The 7 Over 7 brand is devoted to helping the alignment of The Chakra System. Never heard of chakra? There are seven main chakras aligned throughout your body, (however, this number can differ from one culture to another) hence the seven different candle scents.


A chakra corresponds to nerves, organs, or the energy centre of the body. All of them affect our emotions and well-being. Another element about chakras is that each of them is assigned to a specific colour, a name, a specific area or a number.



Imagine your body as a map, and self-love is the destination, well the seven chakras are the different stops of the map you have to go through to reach your destination.



The first stop? The Root chakra symbolised by the colour RED is based at the bottom of the spine and it represents the physical identity, stability and grounding, it is an earthly chakra. This first stop can be stimulated with the help of the Grounding woods candle.


This candle has elements linked to the earth such as grounding wood weaves notes of charred silver birch trees and oakmoss with an underlying signature of Indonesian patchouli to ground, to quiet and elevate an anxious mind. You will feel uplifted and your fear and anxiety will be softened.

The second stop of your journey would be the Sacral chakra symbolised by the colour ORANGE located below the belly button and this one represents sexuality, pleasure and creativity, captivating isn’t it? But it is worth knowing this chakra is all about self-worth and desire and the Rose bohemia candle and its hint of sensuality will help open this chakra.

The Rose Bohemia candle has a spicy and herbaceous floral character that is defined with Egyptian geranium and aldehydes, shaping it with an effervesce that is luminous. Uplifting and refreshing accentuated with amber and sandalwood musk, it takes on a more sensual nature. This candle will relax your senses and rejuvenates your mind to emphasize self-expression and pleasure.


Moving on to the third stop known as the Solar Plexus chakra symbolised by the colour YELLOW and located in the upper abdomen area, it focuses on self-esteem and confidence and is linked with fire.


Spicy citrus is the main characteristic of the Wilful Tonic candle. This one will create and imbue a sense of conviction, focus, tenacity; quiet confidence that is infectious. Sicilian lemon oil and the sweet herbaceous, spicy undertone of coumarin cut through to form a Wilful Tonic. The addition of ambergris gives it a warmth that lingers even after the flame has been put out.

Your journey continues with the heart chakra, this chakra illustrated by the colour GREEN point out to love and compassion. This chakra should let you feel a positive energy flow link to love itself, a selfless love that is going to make you shine in this world that often seems deprived of love. 

Neroli Madurai is the candle that will elevate this chakra, it has a floral citrus character, a sweet and ambrosial scent that resonates with a sense of opening, of surrender and deep acceptance. Brazilian sweet orange and Paraguayan petitgrain give it its mouth-watering, succulent surge that hits the senses like divine nectar. This candle will make you surrender to giving and receiving love in this most beautiful way possible.

Next stop? The throat chakra, it’s colour is BLUE. This chakra symbolised communication and speaking your truth to the world. This chakra pushes you to express yourself, to speak up and let the world hear your beautiful voice. The vibration of your worlds should make you feel confident and loved.

To help you express yourself, the Botanic Candour candle will assist you with its spicy and herbaceous wood character. Blended with bergamot and patchouli it promotes a deep sense of comfort and authenticity. Sharp and succinct, its delicate warmth is heightened with notes of sandalwood and nutmeg to sharpen a clarity that flows with authentic self-expression.

Almost at the end of your journey, with the third eye chakra located between the eyes and represented with the colour INDIGO. This chakra will trigger your intuition and your imagination. The key is to listen to your inner knowledge and follow the path, you can never be wrong when listening to your inner feelings.

The Knowing Alpine candle and its herbaceous citrus character will help get on this path. Crisp pine and grapefruit come together to cut through with a brilliant clarity of mind. A stream of thought that is all-knowing and goes beyond the surface to draw from a deep sense of intuition. This will improve your concentration and enhance your memory as well as tuning your intuition. 


Last but not least, the Crown chakra will be the last stop of your journey, it is located at the very top of your head and its colour is violet or white-violet. This chakra is spiritually linked with awareness and intelligence to enjoy every moment’s life has to offer. It will bring a sense of peace and serenity within your own body and your place in this world.


This last chakra can be opened with the help of the Sense Akasha, a candle with a woody floral character. Blended with clove, cinnamon leaf oil and cedarwood, its deeply masculine properties are intensified. A mood booster, it works like a strong antiseptic, cleansing the air while instantly uplifting. It resets a state of being that is deeply connected to a higher state of consciousness. This will help you connect and bring you into the quantum realm so you can surrender to many possibilities. 

Find out more about 7 Over 7 here, and especially about the story behind the brand, and about the wheels of energy. If you enjoyed reading Scented Love, then why not take a look at Waxed Love about Burts Bees lip balms.

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