Waxed Love

By Jo Phillips

Maybe you are feeling a little fruity right now after being locked down for so long, fancy a little bit of ‘puckering up’ and kissing? Our beauty regimes may well have gone a little out the window, after all, we have not had a lot of social interaction that warrants it. Even as the last of the summer sunshine wafts off into the ether we must be aware of taking care of our faces. Our lips, for example, need care all round the year from the sun to wind, heat to cold so a little Waxed Love goes a long way.


We are very aware of sun damage to our skin but how often do we take this on board with our lips? We protect the collagen on our faces so we must do the same for our mouths. Collagen stops wrinkles and for that, we are most thankful.


Collagen is the naturally occurring protein that gives lips, faces and our bodies the ability to keep wrinkles at bay. Think of it as a structure or scaffolding that holds us together. When unprotected lips are exposed to too much sun, collagen can change, causing lips to wrinkle and fine lines to form around the mouth, so never forget the sun whatever season, causes damage.

So want to kiss with confidence (as the song once said)? Then make sure you look after them and the best solution out there is still the Beeswax lip salves from Burts Bees.


Beeswax contains about 300 compounds such as alkanes, acids, esters, polyesters, and hydroxy esters, and is a natural emulsifier that helps cosmetics, skincare, and lip care to bind. Beeswax helps to keep the skin intensely moisturised and has a high concentration of Vitamin A which is very important for the production of collagen. Beeswax also adds a protective layer to the skin’s surface, helping it to lock in moisture and stay supple and hydrated as well as having anti-inflammatory properties.


There are fruity options and even a plain specific all-weather SPF 15 moisturising Lip Balm. As well as the newly added matcha tea with honey.

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Find out more about Burts Bees here, and specifically about ingredients they use here, and about lip blams and treatments here. If you enjoyed reading Waxed Love then why not try AlpsSpirit about fragranced pencils here

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