Scented Symphony: Bastille Paris Redefines Perfumery with a Revolutionary Spirit

By Likhitha Kommu

In the heart of Paris, a historic symphony unfolded, a tale of liberation etched in the annals of time. Bastille Day, the 14th of July, is a radiant celebration marking the daring storming of the Bastille in 1789, a pivotal chapter in the grand saga of the French Revolution. This particular day would be celebrated for years to come and stand for the very most French of beliefs. Find out more in Scented Symphony: Bastille Paris Redefines Perfumery with a Revolutionary Spirit

As the shadows of political unrest draped the city of Paris France, on the 14th of July in 1789 King Louis XVI’s troops poised for a potential crackdown on the rabble-rousers, the ‘commoners’ casting a specter of fear upon the citizens.

In response, a courageous assembly of 7,000 working men and women forged a people’s militia, their hearts aflame with the fervor of change. Breaking into government buildings for arms, their collective resolve materialized into a determined march towards the ominous Bastille Prison; a fortress standing as a symbol of a Regal despotic authority.

What unfolded in the next hours was a testament to the indomitable spirit of the people. A four-hour struggle ensued, resulting in 94 lives lost, yet the fortified walls of the Bastille prison succumbed to the relentless will of the citizens.

Astonishingly, the prison housed merely seven inmates, but its symbolic fall laid bare the monarchy’s vulnerability, becoming the fulcrum upon which, the revolution pivoted. Ultimately bringing down the Royal decree and turning France into a democracy

The demolition of the Bastille’s remnants reverberated through the ages, a resounding echo of the end of tyrannical rule. It sowed the seeds of democratic principles encapsulated in France’s national motto:

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.”

This historic storming of the Bastille, a daring ballet of bravery and sacrifice, stands as a luminescent cornerstone in France’s narrative, a defining moment that ignited a revolution, casting aside the shackles of the past and paving the way for a future where power would belong to the people.

France celebrates Bastille Day as its National Day on July 14 of each year. English-speaking nations refers to it as “Bastille Day”, but it is known as Le Quatorze Juillet or La Fête Nationale in France.

In the fragrant tapestry of a blossoming French perfumery, called Bastille Paris, each essence is a symphony of innovation and artistry. Deep in its heart it echoes back the very values of the Nation.

Established in 2020, this House of Scents redefines Haute-Perfumery, weaving a narrative that embraces natural, sustainable, and ethical practices.

Under the visionary of Sophie Maisant and Pascal Hyafil, luminaries in the perfumery realm, Bastille stands as a beacon of modernity, delicately balancing tradition and avant-garde.

Transparency is Bastille’s guiding principle, a departure from the veiled mystique shrouding the industry. The brand proudly wears the “100% Made in France” badge, a homage to its iconic French heritage.

More than a fragrance house, Bastille Paris is a commitment to the art of natural perfumery, promising a minimum of 95% natural ingredients in each exquisite creation. A break-away again, from an industry deeply set in tradition here it comes with the freedom do it differently

Crafted by skilled hands, the fragrances are masterpieces of bold creativity. Blending 95% natural elements with a subtle infusion of synthetic molecules, they linger on the skin, each note contributing to an enchanting dance between contrasts.

So to the scents in the collection; each a masterpiece in different scent exploration.

HORS-PISTE, a daring cologne, defies tradition with its exhilarating fusion of 36 ingredients, predominantly natural. A symphony of mandarin, sweet orange, lively Ginger, Juniper berries, and the bite of mate crafts an unexpected freshness. This contemporary scent, enriched with Virginia Cedar and ambroxan, escorts you off the familiar path, offering an intoxicating olfactory journey akin to a brisk mountain breeze or the thrill of a well-chilled gin and tonic.

RAYON VERT, an enchanting green citrus elixir, breathes life into the essence of spring. A choreography of aromatic basil, aniseed, and the warm embrace of Fleur Immortelle paints a canvas mirroring the sun’s joyous dance, reminiscent of a disco ball in a sunlit glade. This olfactory masterpiece, adorned with blackcurrant bud, neroli, and cedar, is a luminous burst of solar vitality, a bottled ode to the reawakening magic of nature.

PLEINE LUNE, a radiant floral symphony, unfolds its enchanting narrative through 40 meticulously curated ingredients. Tuberose, a wild and sensual muse, elegantly entwines with the serenity of matcha tea and the innocence of bergamot, weaving a velvety and seductive olfactory tapestry. With an exquisite blend of mate, pink pepper, neroli, and a rich composition of benzoin, tonka bean, sandalwood, and cedar, Pleine Lune orchestrates an alluring nocturnal dance, a fragrance that captures the daring essence of seduction beneath the moonlit sky.

DEMAIN PROMIS, an aromatic tapestry, reveals its entrancing allure through 45 meticulously chosen ingredients. A symphony of bergamot, cinnamon, and cardamom tenderly intertwines with the calming melodies of rose, lavender, and sage. Submerged in an aromatic elixir of milk, anchored by the opulence of patchouli, tonka bean, sandalwood, and vetiver, Demain Promis beckons as a sensory pledge to the present, a fragrant homage to the art of leisure and the whispered anticipation of tomorrow’s resolutions.

UN DEUX TROIS SOLEIL, a whimsical amber enchantment, artfully captures the essence of childhood afternoons . Bergamot, pink pepper, and grapefruit dance in harmony with nostalgic tones of bitter almond, heliotrope, and resinous benzoin. This fragrance, akin to a delightful genie in a bottle, weaves familiar scents with the opulence of gourmet vanilla and tonka bean, creating a sun-kissed olfactory journey that whispers of holidays, friendship, and the indelible imprints of joyous life moments.

BATAILLE, a radiant woody symphony, captures the pulsating spirit of the Burning Man festival. Saffron, ginger, pink pepper, and patchouli dance in harmony, mirroring the dynamic contrasts of the Nevada desert’s heat and cold. This olfactory masterpiece is a daring duel of extremes, an assertive trail that unfolds on the skin, ignited by an inner fire inspired by the festival’s boundless creativity.

The perfume company Bastille Paris, not only presents a collection of exquisite perfumes but also encapsulates the very spirit of France. Much like the revolutionary fervor that ignited Bastille Day, each fragrance in this olfactory symphony embodies the timeless values of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. Free of the constraints that most perfume houses are tied up with, Bastille walks her own liberated path.

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