Scientists Show Us The Most Chilled Songs Made.

By Jo Phillips

Although meditation, yoga, and taking a midday snooze are effective forms of stress relief, listening to music is one of the easiest ways to get your dopamine flowing. Music is known to calm your nerves, but there is a scientifically backed list of the ten most chilled tunes ever. Scientists identified the most relaxing song ever produced through a study conducted by neuroscientists from Mindlab International. They recorded participants’ physiological responses to specific songs while solving complex puzzles. Based on the results, the scientists came up with the 10 most relaxing songs.

Coming in at number one is Marconi Union is an English ambient music band that worked with sound therapists to create what is known as the most relaxing song in the world. The song   “WEIGHTLESS” actually induced a 65 percent reduction in overall stress among participants.

The reason? well, the song utilizes a biomusicological phenomenon called “entrainment.” The song contains a sustaining rhythm that starts at 60 beats per minute and gradually slows to around 50. While listening, your heart rate gradually comes to match that beat.”

There is not really a melody; instead it is a series of tones with some samples of natural soundscapes. The oscillating chord that remains constant throughout the whole song is almost hypnotic. You can practically picture the soundwave waxing and waning.

No two brings Airstream by Electra

At number three is DJ Shah and the tune Mellomaniac (Chill Out Mix)

Number four is Enya’s Watermark

Coming in at the centre point is Coldplay with Strawberry Swing

At six on the list is Please Don’t Go by Barcelona

It’s all about the girl bands at number seven with All Saint’s tune Pure Shores

The last three on the list as as extremely different as possible and come in as Adele with Someone Like You, followed at nine by Mozart’s Canzonetta Sull’aria and finally Cafe Del Mar – We Can Fly

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