Silky Smooth

By Yasmin Ayture

Hair removal, not something that keeps us up all night but something that unless you have gone through the long and arduous treatments of permanent hair elimination, you so know it’s a regularly needed regime that some of us choose to do. And a tiresome one at that. Whether relating to our legs, underarms, bikini line, faces or eyebrows there is a little shaping tool that aids. Broadening our possibilities for hair removal, a new product launch from Wilkinson Sword show the way to achieve the eyebrows and hair removal we want, quicker, easier and more elegant results. Read more here at Silky Smooth.

Wilkinson Sword Women’s new multi-purpose Wilkinson Sword Intuition Perfect Finish Eyebrow Shaper meets several needs at once, quickly shaping eyebrows, removing fine hairs and even exfoliating skin to achieve all-round smoothness. Specifically, this beauty tool has a precision cap enabling precise eyebrow shaping which is portable, slim and sleek, allowing you to touch up whenever you want to.

Wilkinson Sword is a true innovator in this space who understand hair removal needs and desires, and so they are also launching the Premium Intuition 4 in 1 Multizone Styler: the first in the UK to be designed and suited to four areas of the body.

Specially designed to keep the blades from touching the skin, this beauty tool is versatile and gentle as it aims to trim rather than pulls out hairs to give a silky smooth finish on the four body parts of your face, eyebrows, body and bikini line.

Hair removal is not a chore but an act of self-care with this beauty tool that is easy to use and suited to four different parts of the body where hair is most commonly removed.

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