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By Shraiyash Uniyal

Mother Earth has been enriching our lives with the goodness of numerous beneficial gifts that she has been bestowing upon us. One is the magical Camellia flower whose extracts play an integral role in nourishing our skin. But when nature provides so much for us, are we doing our bit to give back to her? It was in September this year when Chanel launched an exciting range of skincare products called N°1 DE CHANEL. A specialised range made with the benefits including the Red Camellia extract. Another unique feature of the range is its sustainable packaging. N°1 DE CHANEL bought a revolution in the market with its distinctive eco packaging. As vital as it is to take good care of yourself, Chanel reiterated that it is equally prudent to take care of the environment. Read more Here in SkinCare = EarthCare.

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The use of natural ingredients has become even more prominent in the world of skincare. Chanel has brought a path-breaking skincare range – N°1 DE CHANEL, that has kept no stone unturned in caring for both Mother Earth and its customers simultaneously.

Beholding the legacy of Chanel, the packaging reflects its chic style and ultimate luxury. This entire anti-ageing skincare line has been curated keeping sustainability in mind. N°1 DE CHANEL is crafted with a strict formulation charter that contains 97% of ingredients obtained naturally out of which 76% are camellia-derived ingredients.

Suitable for all skin types, the range seeks to be more eco-responsible with a strict formulation character and specialised packaging with reduced carbon footprints.

This complete range is cellophane-free and the use of plastic has been minimalised. The weight of these glass jars has been successfully reduced by 80% and are easily refillable. The lids have been specially made with 90% bio-based, recyclable materials out of which 10% find their origin from the Camellia flower.

The packaging contains a QR code that drives the customer online to all the required product information because the brand has successfully eluded the need for a paper leaflet in the product packaging.

Chanel has channelised every effort in adopting sustainable packaging for the greater good of the world community. The core ethos of N°1 DE CHANEL has strongly been to provide holistic anti-ageing beauty products that encompass the power to revitalize the skin and impact its ageing process in a greener, sustainable manner. The initial collection can be read about Here in Flower Power

Innovation packed in a bottle, N°1 DE CHANEL delivers a healthier, radiant after-effect to your skin due to the benefits from the extract of the crimson red flower that possesses powerful skin-nourishing properties.

The use of Camellia extracts is one of the most enticing features of the N°1 DE CHANEL range. Chanel’s favourite flower inculcates revitalising properties that provide freshness and preserves skin hydration. 

Chanel has added two exciting additional products to this skincare range:

-Red Camellia Revitalizing Essence Lotion 

This frosty-hued textured lotion turns into a smooth, water-like gel upon contact. Made with the benefits of Camellia extracts, this revitalising lotion provides a surge of freshness. Its well-blended formula spreads perfectly over the skin and nourishes with a Petal-Clear complex. The lotion is made with 96% naturally sourced ingredients that directly act upon the 5 signs of ageing. 

-Red Camellia Revitalizing Body Serum-In-Mist

A milky-textured mist that acts as a shield on the skin, Red Camellia Revitalizing Body Serum-In-Mist delivers a refreshing sensation after use. The oil phase releases the rich benefits of the formula’s active ingredients into the skin. With the benefits of Camellia water, the mist tones the skin and enhances the youthful appearance. The mist provides antioxidant properties as it contains 93% of naturally sourced ingredients out of which 41% are traced back to its origin from the Camellia plant.  

The N°1 DE CHANEL collection helps you care for yourself as well as the environment.

N°1 DE CHANEL range includes many other exciting products like serum, cream, cleanser, and eye cream. To explore ahead the world of N°1 DE CHANEL you may visit Chanel.Com

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