Solid; Post-Summer Hair Care with Aveda

By Edena Klimenti

Sadly, it is coming to the end of our summer breaks, our hair has endured the sun, the heat, the sand, the sea and the humidity that comes with the warmer months. Your hair may be looking lifeless, dry and in a funk. Even those of us that are lucky enough to be blessed with thick and glossy hair are in need of some TLC. We may all be in a position where we desperately need to treat our hair and bring it back to a healthy, bouncy glow.

The sun alone can cause great damage to our hair, sucking every last drop of moisture out of your hair, leaving it dry, broken, discoloured and flat; something that surely does not sound appealing. We also fall into bad habits of washing our hair too often, the heat can often leave us feeling sticky and uncomfortable, which forces us to wash our hair more than we should. Washing your hair too much, yes ‘too much’ is another way of stripping your hair of it’s natural moisture, which is obviously something our hair desperately needs in the warmer months. These elements all contribute to damaging our hair, but sometimes we can’t avoid these; so how do we revive and restore the thickness and beauty our hair once had?

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Aveda, a nature-friendly beauty and haircare brand, introduces their latest haircare product; thickening tonic, perfect for a post-summer hair care routine. Using plant-based ingredients, Aveda’s thickening hair tonic is suitable for all hair types, instantly coating each strand of hair with the moisture it needs, lifting and boosting the appearance and health of your hair. Using rich and refreshing ingredients such as, Amla and Acacia Gum acting as thickening agents, this product will restore all the vitamins needed to leave your hair thick and healthy. Containing 97% natural ingredients, this thickening product also contains sodium magnesium silicate, which deposits a layer of minute particles on each strand of hair, revealing a fresh and healthy layer by increasing the area of each strand, therefore thickening it and restoring a fresh look. As an essential finishing touch, the product also contains conditioning agents, which will protect your hair form further damage.

This tonic is an essential for all seasons- add volume to your hair and ensure that you look your best always!

”Whether you like to spritz and air-dry, straighten and smooth, or curl and diffuse, Thickening Tonic works to inject instant body and thickness for all styles. It’s perfect for all hair types too, so whether you have fine/thinning hair, or simply like your look to be as full as possible, this is an absolute go-to.” – Bea Watson, Aveda Global Director

There are also new thickening hair tutorials available from the 14th August – 14th September 2017, allowing you to get the most out of your Aveda Thickening Tonic. Offered at all the Aveda counters, a 15 complimentary thickening hair tutorial. This includes blow-dry techniques, product application and using specific brushes to maximise thickness. The experience allows you to have an Aveda expert by your side, allowing you to express any concerns and questions you may have.

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Bea Watsons top tips for using the Thickening Tonic, for most effective results.

BLOW-DRY: By misting the thickening tonic from your roots to your ends, and combing through, you should blow-dry the hair in sections, slowly lifting the hair up away from the scalp. This will maximise the look of fullness. By using the nozzle to direct air-flow down the hair shaft, it reduces frizz for a gorgeous smooth finish.

LAYER: Using the thickening tonic when your hair is wet, then again when it is dry allows you to layer and build body to your hair.

AIR-DRY: Using the thickening tonic whilst air drying is perfect, as you do not need to use heat to activate the product. By simply spritzing the product all over your hair from your roots to ends, combing through, you will expand each and every strand of hair, instantly feeling thickness.

TEXTURE: By using the thickening tonic on dry hair, you will create an instant body and texture. Simply by spritzing it into your hands first and scrunching it into the hair.

The thickening tonic also has an enchanting fresh scent, a blend of pure plant and flower essence including certified organic vanilla,  bergamot, and clary sage. Aveda also has a strong philosophy that their products should give back to society and care for the world, which is why they make sure their packaging is also 100% post consumer recycled.

Aveda Thickening Tonic is available at all Aveda counters.

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