Solid; Thameen introduces ‘The Cora’

By Jo Phillips

With summer drawing to a close, are you looking for the perfect scent to help with those end-of-summertime blues? Look no further than Thameen’ latest scent, The Cora. Thameen is a British luxury perfume brand that blends Eastern grandeur with Western elegance. Inspired by the jewels of the East, Thameen uses the highest quality of ingredients.

The Cora, pays homage to the Cora Sun-Drop Diamond. The Cora is one of the largest yellow diamonds in the world, at 110.3 carats. The Cora has an ancient and fascinating history, having been formed billions of years ago and sold at an auction in Geneva to an anonymous buyer.

The notes of The Cora glow with flowery tones of white jasmine, magnolia, carnation and lily along with hints of yellow Bulgarian rose and wisteria. These floral hints beautifully contrast with rich tones of spiced nutmeg, vanilla and white musk. A base of golden amber, patchouli and white musk complements this.

The Cora is perfect for travelling with a small container of 50ml, and the majestic beauty of the scent sets it apart. The stunning deep blue bottle with an engraved cap adds to the gorgeousness of the scent.


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