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By Jo Phillips

One of the nicest perfumery brands in the whole world is undoubtedly  Italian brand Acqua di Parma.  The brand is known worldwide for its colognes, perfumes and candles all steeped in Italian scent history.

Now to celebrate this wonderful heritage they are opening the Barbiere, the brand’s first standalone location in the UK, in Selfridges London, to be found in the ultra-contemporary setting of the new Men’s Designer Street Fashion floor.  This will be the sole spot in the UK where they will offer  their best-loved boutique service  – the traditional Italian shave.  There are a number of different services on offer, divided into three categories; Shave, Hair & Facials.  A luxurious new setting for men to indulge themselves in the ritual of Acqua di Parma.

Acqua di Parma Barbiere at Selfridges (1)

One of their most iconic items is the Colonia collection. A celebration of the Italian sun captured in the “frutti d’oro” – lemon, orange & bergamot – all carefully chosen, handpicked and distilled. Next comes a heart of aromatic and harmonious notes such as lavender, rosemary, verbena and damask rose, followed by warm woody vetiver, sandal and patchouli. A sensual clarity which unlocks memories and makes every moment intense. The result is claim of refinement and style; a fragrance this simple is a fragrance for life.

The brand was initially started in 1916 when the Italian baron Carlo Magnani travelled to the epicentres of culture Paris, London, New York. This cultural revelation inspired him  to create a fragrance hence Colonia. was born; described by the brand as ‘fresh and modern which reflects the expression of Italian gentlemen style’. In the 1950s, Colonia attained international success, when Hollywood actors, invited to Italy by the great masters of Italian cinema, discovered its intimate and refined notes in the historic bespoke tailors’ shops.

Today with a range that spans  women’s mens and lifestyle the brand is still a style leader.

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The Barbiere at Selfridges awaits all those consumers willing to join the time-honoured ritual of a traditional Italian shave. For bookings please contact +44 (0) 20 7318

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