Sound and Vision; where Music meets Art

By Olivia Newby

Paintings are visual, music is sound. But how can the two unite? Does it almost feel contrary to talk about the two mediums together or is it a natural pairing? Both a form of art, working alone the concepts are created to unlock emotion when people view art or listen to music. Where music meets art, is not something we typically would pair together. However, the themes of sound and vision inspired artist Robert Dunt, through his works. Find out more in Where Music Meets art Here  

Bringing Dunt works with the idea of opposing themes of art. Along with fellow artists, Robert Dunt is curating an exhibition “Sound and Vision- Where Music meets Art” to enlighten this concept. Movement, balance, and emphasis are all used in terms within the arts as a form of production when creating a piece of artwork. A sense of harmony, balance and emphasis can help musicians produce strong emotional responses which help some artists during the creative process. 

Held at the Merton Arts Space from the 16th of September. Robert Dunt presents with a selected group of contemporary experimental musicians, composers and artists who are inspired by music, and musicians, producing art, sound and video pieces similar to his own works.

Taking the creative world beyond typical inspirations such as landscapes, people, memories and natural environments. Immersing himself in a harmony of music inspires him to the outcome of his paintings. 

Musicians make visual art, and experimental musicians, composers and artists make songs and sound pieces that can be considered art. This upcoming exhibition aims to bring all these kinds of contemporary creativity together. 

Exhibiting artists at the event are Alexander Hinks, David Heathcote, David Wiseman, Hannes Buder, Jay Wobble, Jo Whittle, John Strutton and Riccardo Carbone, Jon Klien, Jonathan Luke, Martin Thulin, Matteo Uggeri, Natalie Dowse, Owen Houlston, Robert Dunt, Robin Green, Phil Illingworth, Peter Burgess and Sibéal Colley. 

“Waves of Gold 14, Circles” (Robin Green) 2021. Long Exposure Photographic Print

Robert Dunt

Discussing the likes of his work, Robert Dunt is a London-based contemporary artist, curator and YouTuber. As an artist, Dunt explores abstract paintings that are represented through music. The music inspired to create his work is inspired by the band The Jesus and Mary Chain. An alternative rock band based in Scotland, a band made up of two brothers Jim and William Reid. 

Robert Dunt, “Foliage Rift”, 2018, oil on canvas, 170cm x 170cm

Furthering his work beyond paintings, Dunt has a moderate fan base on his channel on Youtube, ‘’. Channelling his expertise in abstract art Dunt encourages aspiring artists of creativity to open up. Valuing their opinions of any experience in the area to express how they feel through what they admire. Dunt is strong-witted about the work he does and often finds people don’t think that they would be able to hold an opinion on the arts.

“Giving art back to the people.”

Robert Dunt

Dunt’s exhibition reviews allow an insight into the bigger picture of art. Without being intimidating or clever, his YouTube channel’s only objective is to be fun. Inspiring people to voice their thoughts onto art without feeling they aren’t entitled to be doing so.  

David Heathcote

Exhibiting primarily contemporary paintings, David Heathcote is a painter amongst the involvement in the “Sound and Vision” exhibition. Amongst his paintings, Heathcote uses a wide range of media in his work oil and acrylic paint, collage, printing techniques, assemblage, clay, bronze and stone. Heathcote’s career today concentrates on oil paintings and small preliminary drawings for them. 

The paintings in discussion with Heathcote are viewed as constructed abstracts. Through colour and space, there is an awareness of cubism, freely exploring human figures, landscapes, sculptures and paintings in museums.

John Strutton

Similarly to Dunt’s style of work, John Strutton is an artist, musician and academic based in London. Ranging across the board Strutton specialises in painting, drawing, installation, moving images, sound and performance. Combining talent across the arts, Strutton masters inspiration from all sorts of subjects. In the light of his most recent works, Strutton has invited his expertise into videography. Exhibited in a form of music playlists processed as chapters per subject to the theme in the discussion. The response to his thoughts and inspiration is recorded in short films. Often a singular anecdote, situation, image or overheard phone conversation expanded through a process of mobile phone footage, collage and/ or animation is a masterpiece of Strutton.

Instead of using music to inspire his artworks, Strutton combines the two concepts. Each of his films is a combination of recorded text, music and speech narrations, sometimes including a collaboration of Strutton’s own band, “Arther Brick” and Riccardo Carbone who are as well featured in the Sound and Vision exhibition. 

Joanna Whittle

Creating paintings and ceramics Joanna Whittle is an artist who explores real and imaginary landscapes. Oil paint is her forte to allow her to create an almost illusory quality in her work, blurring the lines between reality and imagination. Landscapes growing amongst her canvas there are clear elements of her works that are aside from romanticism. Through examining her work this is evidence of the structure of her paintings, processing decay, a relationship most natural environments induce. These realistic landscapes created also communicate themes such as the passage of time, history and memory. 

David Wiseman

Painting for almost over 40 years, David Wiseman uses his expertise to create lyrical paintings. Made up of acrylic paint, freely drawn calligraphy and layering of marks create lasting and remarkable depictions of nature. 

Working on large canvases Wiseman is influenced by areas of the landscape. Using a variety of mixed media on smaller works on paper and canvas as well. Spending a lot of his time in Devon on the South coast where there is a vast amount of inspiration from local rivers and parklands. The final paintings express the playful and organic light of the landscapes. Heavily influenced by the mood, light, colour and atmosphere of the moment. Wiseman allows you to envision the movement of growing landscapes through the likes of his work.

David Wiseman, “Three Little Birds”, Collage

Hannes Buder

Musician, composer and improviser in the field of experimental music. Hannes Buder’s musical works concentrate on issues of movement, authenticity, minimalism, and slowness. A creation of solo and collaboration pieces. Buder works through the mystical and natural worlds and environments for all different types of dance when you listen to his music. Emotional and intriguing, the character in the tones of his music explores a large spectrum of emotion. Outside of the music sphere, Buder has given his music to workshops, festivals, music schools and prisoners in jail. 

The “Sound and Vision- Where Music meets Art” exhibition is run by the Merton Arts Space through the Wimbledon Library in London. Running through from the 16th of September- the 6th of October 2022. 

Natalie Dowse, “Song of the Siren II”, 59cm x 39cm, oil on canvas.

To find out more about ‘Sound and Vision; where Music meets Art’ exhibition please visit here 

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