St Giles the world of scent

By Jo Phillips

.Cent were commissioned by Micheal Donovan to create the visual interpretations for his website, for social media and press packs of The St Giles fragrance collection.

Created to stimulate and amplify the many different aspects of our characters. The wardrobe of fragrances celebrates the parts that make us who we are, fusing the reality and the fantasy. The perfumes are made in collaboration with Master Perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour.

To create still images through to moving assets that sum up each of the five character facets the perfumes represent.

Stylist_StGiles_171207 from .Cent Magazine on Vimeo.

Tycoon_StGiles_171202 from .Cent Magazine on Vimeo.

Writer_StGiles_171202 from .Cent Magazine on Vimeo.

Mechanic_StGiles_171202 from .Cent Magazine on Vimeo.

Actress_StGiles_171202 from .Cent Magazine on Vimeo.

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