Stephen J. Morgan

By Jo Phillips

Stephen J. Morgan is an acclaimed British photographer who has been exhibited by The Wapping Project Bankside, the National Portrait Gallery and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Stephen shot the Timeless issue of .Cent, guest edited by Stuart Stockdale.

He is featured in .Cent’s Breaking Boundaries newsletter in April 2013, which took inspiration from Rado‘s D-Star 200 – a sporty diving-inspired watch designed to navigate contemporary lifestyles. For the newsletter, .Cent asks him ‘how have you evolved in the creactive process to get to his current output?”

He explains, ‘Basically I have worked in the same way. With photography drastically changing over the last 10 years from film and traditional printing to Digital, as it has evolved, I have stayed rooted with the skills and equipment I have always used. A medium format camera, film, natural light and continuing to print my work traditionally as I did when I first started photography. It has taught me patience and helped my work to mature and evolve, albeit at a lot slower pace.’


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