Sterling; Vegan Leather Goods

By Sophie Field

Buttery Leathers without the butter?

Watson & Wolfe give us the first ever British luxury Vegan and PETA approved accessories brand for Men.

Doc21Watson & Wolfe

With Veganism and Vegetarianism gaining momentum, the demand for vegan goods is on the rise. Watson & Wolfe and founder Helen Farr Leander have responded accordingly; giving us the most incredible range of supple vegan leather accessories for men made from recycled plastics and plants. They stay true to their vision of a luxury accessory, that is high functioning and stylish whilst remaining environmentally conscious.

Here is a veritable example of re-discovering the beauty in slow fashion.

Not only is it sustainable, and the production effortful, but what is produced is of the highest quality. The Vegan Leather accessories are still supple and soft. They are thinner, lighter even, with high-performance value and aversion to abrasion and damage, as well as being easy to clean. Too good to be true?

watsonWatson & Wolfe

Even the prices, starting at 18£, do not justify the amount of time and effort put into each and every one of the five key accessories that comprise their debut collection. The bi-fold wallet, two credit card cases, travel wallet and keyring have a classic design and feel, made with high-quality vegan leather and linings made from recycled plastic bottles. The packaging is also all of course fully recyclable and sustainable.

The luxurious goods that Watson & Wolfe have put forward, prove that slow and steady really do win the race.

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