Summer Nostalgia

By Jo Phillips

At this time of the year, you are going to find that you are missing out on lots of different memories. The summer seems to go by so quickly, doesn’t it? Just when you think that you are just getting into the swing of the summer months, it’s over. And as the end of the summer winds down, it’s nice to start to think about the memories you have made and all of the different things that the end of summer means for you. When you think about it, it can make you feel happy and able to make the most of the few days (or maybe even weeks) that we have left before autumn really settles in. So, let’s take a look at some of the things that make you feel nostalgic.

Make Lemonade

To begin with, let’s think about making lemonade. Is this something that you did as a child? Was it fun and enjoyable to spend time looking into the best homemade lemonade recipes and enjoying a refreshment with family? Maybe you made another kind of drink? Or was it ice lollies or biscuits? Whatever you used to make together with your family as a kid, maybe you can think about making it now?

Go Camping

Next up, you could think about going camping. Maybe you like the idea of getting out and about and enjoying some of the country with your friends and family. And camping is definitely one of those things that you can do that will take you back to your childhood. But not only that, it will let you slow down and enjoy your time a lot more.

Go For A Drive

And then there’s driving. As you may remember, going for a long drive, playing music, and really looking to just let go of your stresses and have fun with your loved ones can be just what you need. It’s something that might remind you of road trips as a kid too.

Skate Around

But maybe you don’t want to be spending a ton of time in your car at the end of summer? You wouldn’t be the only one! Yet, maybe you want to do something fun and different – something that reminds you of your youth? In that case, you may find that you want to look for the best skateboards for summer 2020 and have a skate around? Or maybe you want to give rollerblading a go? It could really boost your nostalgia.

Listen To Music

Finally, you’re going to find that one of the most nostalgic activities you can do, is to listen to music. There’s so much nostalgia centred around music. And can anything beat lazy summer evenings relaxing on the grass or sitting outside in the evenings listening to the songs that take you back? Combining this task with great friends, food and drinks it can be just what you need to say goodbye to the end of the summer in style.

Image on left Adrian Swancar

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