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You always dreamed of tanning sessions that last for hours in the holiday sun? The heat beaming down to give a golden glow. But can you start off with a natural glow beforehand? And also how do you prepare your skin for the sun? Can you start off with a glow via a bit of make-up as a sort of added bonus as well as protect your skin from harmful rays? Discover more about these mysterious products in Sun-shine. Main Image Jason Yates.

Maybe you know the brand Paul & Joe and its fabulous ready-to-wear clothing brand. Sophie Mechaly created it in 1995 and named it after her two sons’ names. This brand is today known for its colourful creations. Its use of patterns, flowers and particularly cats.

In 25 years the brand expanded and developed. It is now an international lifestyle company with lines like eyewear, beauty and stationery, tableware and nightwear.

This year, they added a ‘kick of sunshine’ with new launches in the beauty field. These are products made to protect and enhance you in the sunshine on shimmering sunny days. An outstanding trio of sun protection body primers and also three other sun protection products to explore.

The first one is a makeup primer for clear skin that let your body shine without white traces of suncream even if it has an SPF 50. This can be used for both the face and the body and is a light skin tone.

The second product in the trio is another body primer, but this one has a shimmery finish. This allows you to have glowing skin while still being protected by an SPF 30.

To finish with the third of the primers, there is the tinted body primer sun protection with an SPF 30 allowing for an even tone across your skin. It is a product created for all skin types.

Three other products the brand have bought out are perfect to help you go through summer healthily. The body primer Super UV is the perfect product to have complete protection against the sun with the SPF 50. It is water-resistant so for the fans of the sea, it is an absolute must have.

Who does not dream of a perfect tan? The Suntan body primer is a tanning makeup base for the body, with an SPF 6, it protects your skin while permitting it to stay hydrated and not dry from the intense heat of the sun. It is for those who dream of sun-kissed skin.

The last product is a fixing mist; allowing your make-up to last for hours. Its scent is composed of refreshing citrus fruits, orange blossom and vanilla. it keeps your skin hydrated, even in summer and keeps your make-up fresher for longer.

Paul and Joe new collection of summer products help you prepare for the sunshine of 2021; with offers for all types and tones of skin. We can all be protected and beautiful.

You can find all these products and Paul and Joe website here.

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