Sweet Support

By Millie Winter

Growing up, was there the experience of having your hands batted away from the sweetie jar? Our little minds made a bit crazy for that sugary entrapment? Whether it be the risk of cavities or weight gain, sweets were classified as something we could enjoy only every once in a while. But what if that sugary nugget could do you some good? Find out more in Sweet Support

That oozy toffee chew or the sour-sugar lozenge, the never-ending chew divine we can taste them almost as we read this, knowing they come with a fraction of guilt. But, what if you could experience the delicious classic candied taste without the follow-up regret. Meet Manifesto’s hair skin and nails food supplement gummies.

Dressed in a cherry red colour and mimicking the shape of a juicy piece of fruit, Manifesto Beauty’s Hair Skin & Nails Food Supplement satisfy your bodies natural craving for something sweet and scrumptious,  yet these gummies allow consuming sugar to not only be enjoyable for your tastebuds but also actually bring benefits to several different aspects of your body. 

The little sweet treats actually contain vast amounts of nutrients that aid health. These include:

Açaí Berry: this true superfood from South America, is high in antioxidants that aid to prevent cell damage. Açaí is one of our formulations’ hardest workers, thanks to its abundance of strong nutrients.

Astaxanthin: Derived from the micro-algae that gives pink flamingos, salmon, and lobster its rosy colour, enhances skin structure and suppleness while also assisting in the smoothing of wrinkles

Biotin: Also known as Vitamin H/B7, works towards strengthening your hair, nail, and skin cells. 

Inulin: nourishes your gut’s microbiome and helps boost your mental health coming from the roots of chicory grown in the Netherlands.

Selenium: An ingredient that ticks many boxes when it comes to supplements as it fosters a healthy immune system and prevents harm to cells and tissues. 

Sugar: Naturally derived from inulin, a touch of sugar goes a long way for this product. In fact, “each one contains less sugar than a single cherry.”

Vitamin E: An essential component for eyesight, reproduction, and blood, brain, and skin health. Vitamin E has antioxidant capabilities as well.

Vitamin C: Its lesser-known superpower is stimulating collagen production in the skin, which is a wonderful ally in creating a robust immune system.

Vitamin A: Retinol, works towards boosting your immune system and defences. 

Zinc: When it comes to the most luscious hair, this ingredient goes towards filling out the hair to create voluminous locks. It helps regulates hormones and nourish cells. 

You get to enjoy not one, but two scrumptious gummies that go towards supporting you through their bountiful natural ingredients. The serving suggestion is after all two gummies per day. 

“Feeling good, in body, mind, and conscience, is beauty’s highest ideal,” says founder Anna Marcovici. 

These gummies provide great taste and support to your body. It is even more enjoyable when there is no guilt or shame that follows eating a little sweet.

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Illustrations by Anna Martín.

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