Taipei: Where Tech and Fashion Collide

By Bella Pallett

Taipai, the capital of Taiwan, is filled with museums and the less conventional but equally engaging, creative parks. Typically abandoned industrial spaces that have been repurposed, creative parks are crafted to host events such as art exhibitions and fashion shows, such as Taipei Fashion Week: Where Tech and Fashion Collide.

New technology, innovation and talent are always on the horizon in Taiwan. The Taipei Fashion Week, known to be ground-breaking in the use of media, this year featured an immersive and high tech 5G experience that integrated visual art with a traditional runway show guaranteed to please the crowd and craft a merger between technology and fashion.

Incorporating a brand-new physical space at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park to utilise the digital venue of Ambi Space One and 5G Connect, a new style of fashion exhibition has been successfully mastered through the use of combining virtual and physical reality. The cross-domain and cross-venue collaboration crafts a new way of crafting an engaging and innovative runway experience.

By transmitting audio and video between the physical and digital, the two events happening simultaneously allow the audience to enjoy the mix of both high-performance technology and physical fashion in the form of a typical runway. The audience becomes able to experience an immersive and illusory visual shock that vibrates between the human body and two spaces, both virtual and real.

Featuring multiple guiding themes including Sustainability, Functionality, Diversity, Cross Collaboration, and Humanity, the event successfully expresses the diversity of Taiwanese artistry and digital design. Using combinations of six Taiwanese designer brands who bring together art and fashion whilst also working with Chungwa Telecoms’s 5G to craft together tech and fashion, it is clear that Taipei Fashion Week develops installations that craft the creative merger that is uniquely possible only in Taiwan.

Alongside the developments that are made between fashion and technology, it is essential to retain a sense of connection to how fashion can make us feel. Through new faces and fresh talent, fashion’s ability to define, evolve and represent is maximised and allows us to feel connected to the fashion we wear, regardless of how much technology is merged. 

NET-A-PORTER has launched its FW21 campaign, designed to celebrate self-expression and individuality through a collective love of fashion and clothes. By putting together a diverse collection of garments through mixing newfound talent and technology, the campaign ensures the celebration of identity and individualistic style, no matter what your go-to aesthetic is.

Alongside this new campaign, NET-A-PORTER has continued their partnership as the leading multi-brand online retailer of Watches & Wonders, a global concept celebrating watchmaking excellence across the world. Aiming to provide inspiration as well as showcasing expertise, NET-A-PORTER provides unapparelled access to the newest and most iconic pieces for their customers.

Working in collaboration with MR PORTER, an award-winning online destination for men’s style, the Watches & Wonders campaign allows customers to discover, through the lens of fashion and style, over 30 timepieces from a range of established brands. With features such as exclusive one to one shopping appointments, in-depth reviews and also live talks from brand ambassadors, this campaign puts its customer in the spotlight.

To top it all off, NET-A-PORTER has also expanded their Vanguard Mentorship Program with an education fund in partnership with the British Fashion Council. Aiming to help shape the future of the fashion industry by encouraging more diverse talent at a grassroots level, this program aims to help students as they embark on their professional journeys into the world of fashion.

By working with both new technology and new talent, the fashion world surges forward with new ideas that are designed to immerse and thrill. Through designing new physical platforms and expanding programs designed to help the future generation, there is no doubt that designers will continue to amaze.

Whether you want to immerse yourself in the ever-growing collaboration between fashion and technology or get involved with a new collection aimed to allow you to connect on a deeper level with what you wear, the world of fashion has you covered.

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