The Art of Safe Varnish

By Heather Pantling

L’Atelier Green offers nails a breathable varnish, toxin free. Treating nails on the outside, but looking good on the inside.


Two words to you Miss Quarantine Queen, L’Atelier Green.

For those lucky enough to work from home, the quite drum of keys tapping on the keyboard throughout the day is a familiar sound. Our fingers tirelessly work away. This might be on the computer, perhaps a spring clean, or even just fiddling, trying to get the clasp on the necklace to open. Whatever it may be, our nails are seldom rewarded for the work they do. Perhaps it’s time to give our nails a hug. As it turns out looking good on the outside can actually be good for us on the inside. 

Now more than ever we find ourselves washing our hands and it is easy to forget that they too might just be in need of some love. The constant washing can leave hands feeling dry and itchy. So, why not treat yourself to a small indulgence. Miller and Harris offer beautifully scented creams that are filled with Vitamin’s B5 and E, and will be sure to leave your hands silky smooth.

It is no secret in the beauty industry, that in order to achieve a certain finish, chemicals are inevitably used. We don’t see them, and they certainly aren’t advertised on the packaging, maybe hoping out of sight out of mind.  Thankfully we know this is changing.

L’Atelier Green ‘Business as Usual’

For L’Atelier Green, beauty is more than just skin deep. In fact, their mission is to keep harmful chemicals out of the body entirely. Because harmful chemicals used in most nail polishes can be absorbed into the body through the nail? 

Necessity is the mother of invention, and for two Parisian sisters, this too was the case. After launching a mobile beauty service focused on entirely natural products, the sisters realised that there was a gap in the market for a nail varnish that did not use harsh chemicals. 

Their customers were certainly not the first to experience cracked, weak nails, after years of manicures, using products filled with toxic chemicals. To tackle this problem, the two sisters developed a breathable nail varnish, totally toxin-free. Their debut collection ‘Naked Nails’ comes in 10 different colors, all of which are free from toxins and use a plant-based formula. 

The high shine formula lasts for 5 days, is vegan and halal-friendly, and best of all, it is produced in Paris on an eco-friendly site. L’Atlelier Green offers an affordable home manicure, that is actually good for your nails. 

Check out more of L’Atelier Green’s products here.

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