Mineral; Tommy Nails it

By Julie Jacobs

In a recent beauty story about the rise of matte lipsticks Plast-er-scene I said and I quote, “I like shiny things”, and I do.  However I ‘think’ I’ve had an epiphany, the scales have dropped from my eyes and I’ve just experienced the beauty of matte nail varnish.  This happened back stage at the Tommy Hilfiger X Gigi Hadid  S/S 2018 catwalk show  during London Fashion Week.  The team used CND’s Vinylux weekly polish Black Pool which is not actually matte but when Marianne applied the CND RidgeFX Nail Surface Enhancer  on top; “voila” matte black varnish appeared right before my eyes.


Inspired by iconic Rock Chic Chrissy Hinds and the cool women in who live in Camden the Magician (Nail Artist) that is Marianne Newman created a black matte design – which also reflected the black powdery eyeshadow – with an oval nail shape and length that just peeped over the tips of the fingers creating a sophisticated look, not ‘gothic’ at all. 


I love the school of thought that says you can use any product for anything, ‘where ever and however you want’, (as long as it’s not going to physically harm you) just because the RidgeFX is a base coat, if it creates an interesting texture on top of the lacquer go for it!  Watching Marianne work reminds me that rules have to be broken to create something individual.

Words by Julie Jacobs

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