The Big Digital Defence

By Ariba Bashir

Do we realise how many of us may well be addicted to digital technology and don’t really admit it to ourselves; so integrated into our daily lives as it is? How much damage is caused by blue light coming from phones or laptops? Could this be one of the significant side effects of our lifestyle, a style that relies on technology? Read more in The Big Digital Defence.

Life, surely we all agree, is getting way easier with all the high-tech devices making multitasking more stress-free in our daily lives. All our personal and professional tasks accessible via one screen, from transactions to online meetings, everything is in one place, a blessing or potentially a curse? Or even both?

Our daily exposure to these screens with the blue light they emit is causing damage, as well as the blue light rays that come from the sun. As our skin absorbs all the harmful toxins and rays and they cause something called hyperpigmentation, making pigmented dark patches on the skin as well as adding to ageing, and dehydration.

Skincare brand Digital Defence can help you protect your skin from this punishment.

What is Digital Defence?

It is a clinically proven vegan skincare brand with great organic ingredients like argan oil, lemon oil, shea butter, grape seed oil, vitamin A and E. The brand is working to protect the skin from blue light emitted by screens and the sun, and also that the products reduce the signs of ageing.

Product Range

Digital defence hydrating cleansing milk

It is an Ultra-light cleansing milk that helps remove impurities. It detoxifies the skin and is proven to help with a visible reduction in ageing and frontline adding defence against blue light.

Digital defence duo eye cream

A rich eye cream that nourishes, brightens and smoothes the eye area. Along with that, it reduces puffiness and signs of ageing. Building a barrier between skin and HEV blue light.

Digital defence exfoliating treatment mask

An anti-inflammatory exfoliator that helps in skin renewal, a gentle acid enzyme peel that will leave the skin fresher and brighter by renewing the skin cells. And will work as a shield against blue light.

Digital defence day and night protecting serum

A lightweight serum that penetrates within the skin and creates a barrier against free radicals, adding to brighter and even skin tone. Also, making a shield from harmful blue light.

Digital defence day and night protecting cream

It is a triple-action day and night cream that helps keep the skin smooth, brighten, and hydrate it. An effective barrier against irritation from the wind, cold, and environmental pollutants and helps reduce signs of ageing caused by blue light.

So, what if digital technology is becoming the need of our lives to move forward, and whether we want to accept it or not, it is kind of a big part of our entity that is here to stay and might not change but maybe adding a few skincare products can make a big change in your skin.

Find out more about the brand Digital here.

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