The Best of British

By Millie Winter

The world of creativity consists of so many different makings through a wide range of ideas and topics. Fashion, design, architecture, and art all contain the in-depth intentions of each artist. Immense attention to detail is needed. Visions and sketches that follow unique penmanship. The consumerist world we live in demands the finest of goods with the most unique visuals, and there are more than plenty of high-end brands whose creativity not only meets these demands but surpasses all of our expectations. But, like any functional company, their work need not go unnoticed in order to bring in the victory. British luxury is a sector worth 48 billion pounds to the UK economy. Meet the British business organization that protects and promotes such brands that keep our economy thriving and provide the richest creativity in the land. Walpole represents more than 270 of Britain’s best and most well-known companies from a variety of industries. Read more about this support here in The Best of British

The masterminds behind British finest brands have contributed 2.4% of the UK’s GDP and employ more than 160,000 people throughout the company, and are poised to become a global sustainability leader. Walpole promotes industry growth by actively seeking out the UK and international business possibilities.

Such business organizations represent the importance of recognizing this eras creatives. Creativity enables us to see and solve challenges in a more open and innovative manner. The mind is opened by creativity. Coming out of a year of hardships, it is more important than ever that we protect and preserve the talent that so many of Britain’s luxury brands possess. 

On Monday, November 15th, Walpole British Luxury Awards took place at The Dorchester, “to celebrate Britain’s luxury brands and individuals who contribute unique and exquisite products to British luxury, as well as those who define exciting creativity, innovation and global cultural relevance of Great Britain.” The annual Walpole British Luxury Awards honour outstanding creativity, design, innovation, talent, and craftsmanship in the luxury sector of the United Kingdom.

Being the UK’s only business organisation for luxury brands, this night serves as an important annual celebration highlighting the best of British luxury brands. Through exciting award titles, iconic nominees and members gathered to honour the importance of creativity in this realm of business. 

“As we look beyond the pandemic, tonight’s award winners capture exactly the kind of creativity, ingenuity, entrepreneurship and excellence that will take the country to the next level and move us from recovery to renaissance. I hope we can take inspiration from them all,” Walpole’s CEO, Helen Brocklebank said. 

Precisely, this years award ceremony was acknowledging the bright possibility the future holds, “what it means to be the best and set the bar high in a new post- Covid, post-Brexit world.” It is the only event of its kind. 

2021 List of Walpole British Luxury Award Winners:

Best of British Award: Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert and Burberry (presented by Niclas Baker)

Great Creative Britons Award: Richard Quinn (presented by Bimini) and Monica Galetti (presented by Giles Coren)

British Artistic Icon: Rita Ora (presented by Taika Waititi)

Made in The UK Award: Bremont (presented by Jason Fox)

Game Changer Award: Mclaren Automotive (presented by Emma Thynn Marchioness of Bath)

Visionary Award: Anya Hindmarch (presented by Richard E Grant)

Brands of Tomorrow – The Class of 2021: Bramley, Eight Lands, Equi, Eto, Hancock Harpey Concierge, Marfa Stance, Motley, My Wardrobe Hq, Rothschild & Bickers, Sarah Haran, The Deck (presented by Yinka Ilori). 

Beyond the ceremony held this week, Walpole is preserving the creativity and divinity of these brands through its mentoring programmes, events, research and public affairs with the British government and in Europe. 

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Images provided by Walpole.


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