The House on the Hill

By Gaurav Gujar

The location chosen for a house may tell a lot of things about a person. With all the fast pace and chaos in the city, often many people opt to live a little outside, a little far and in their little bubble. For some, they enjoy the solitude, the void, and the sense of space. Read more in The House on the Hill.

The three-story lookout tower, Oregon, USA

This unique tower inspired by the forest service fire lookout tower is listed as an Airbnb property situated between 13 snow-capped volcanic mountain peaks. For many, this may be the best spot for rejuvenation and a break from everything around them and immersing themselves in nature’s best to offer. Given the geographic location, the night sky and stars are beyond imagination. A river nearby and mountain trails around truly make you wonder and wander at the same time.

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Katskhi Pillar, Imereti, Georgia
Many say, it is difficult to reach god and so is this place, but this place surely might take you a step closer. A church dedicated to a 7th-century monk – Maximus the confessor, built on a natural limestone monolith standing tall at 130 feet (40m), is without a doubt, a treat to eyes and spiritual self.

Image above: Andrew Milligan

Tower House, Catskill mountain, NYC
Sometimes, even adults can have fun, and try and fulfil their childhood bucket list. Designed by Gluck+ in the middle of nowhere overseeing endless mountain ranges with a unique design allowing it to almost disappear in nature; this house may be the answer for many of us. A literal stairway to treetops, completely glass-clad with a living room 30 feet cantilevered above ground. In the middle of the forest, with trees, light and seasons reflecting on the outside make this house is just like it is a part of the ecosystem.

Image above: Gluck+

Casa Do Penedo (House of stone), Fafe mountains, Portugal
‘Living under a rock’ might be heard by many but ‘living in a rock’ probably may seem like this creation. Resembling exactly like a huge rock which happens to be a cosy cottage is far from everyday chaos and takes you as close as possible to mother nature. The 1972 construction is now used as a museum and house of relics which is an attractive tourist destination because of its unusual location.

Image above: Faliciano

Gambier island house, British Columbia
This house automatically boasts a ‘do not disturb’ sign. Accessible only by a boat to its private deck below, the owners are quite sure to keep their privacy and time to themselves. With a private mountain terrain and a river just a jump away, this property may define house goals to many. And indeed, living here makes you forget about the daily metropolitan mayhem.

Image above: Archdaily

Floating House, Ontario, Canada
A house floating on the water just as graceful as a swan. With modern edge technology to tackle changing water levels and having the modern amenities in this rustic wooden floored house makes it a place of pure bliss for so many of us. For some, it also is the psychological effect of having a life floating, which might make one, have different perspectives like never before.

Image above: Archd

House of Vestmannaeyjar archipelago, Ellidaey island, Iceland
One of the most popular pictures around the internet when it comes to secluded houses on earth, this is a very interesting property with a number of stories and myths linked to it. An island of around 110 acres has just this single house with no electricity or running water now used as a hunting lodge. Overseeing the majestic Icelandic sceneries and oceans beyond infinity; maybe this is the ultimate escape plan for many.

Image above: Wi

In a desert, a forest or a sea; a bit away, or very far from the daily nuances may bring personal peace and happiness; a safe and loyal companion for many years to share tranquillity.

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