The Journey Counts

By Gaurav Gujar

People may buy luggage for their journeys, but little do they know, that the luggage have their own journeys. Like many other possessions, luggage or bags can be very individualistic and a classic by all means. Be it the vintage designs or the name tags, some personalized belts or even the wallet with fresh leather smell; leather-crafts would always be a classic. The story, the legacy, the journey; counts.

Interestingly, it all started with a man and his exquisite craftsmanship with leather. From making saddles for horses to luggage, bags and document cases, getting commissioned during world war II to make cockpit instrument covers heighten their relationship with British craftsmanship. Building on this they were commissioned to make the Sam Browne belts and other leather goods for the British army.

In the 1980s Tanner Krolle designed and produce bespoke Aston Martin V8 luggage, that only could heighten their connection to absolute luxury. The heritage and authenticity are core to who they still are today with their modern designs and the global outlook.

Beloved by many with a list of customers so many brands would aspire to; David Beckham, Jackie Onassis or Sir Sterling Moss, also Princess Diana of Wales and HRH The Queen; all of them owned a piece of Tanner Krolle and Sir David Attenborough at 95, still carries his Tanner Krolle luggage which he got as a 21st birthday present.

Then things went a little quiet and not much was heard form the brand until now.

Enter Tabitha Simmons, the new creative director for the premium luxury brand who comes from a strong background in fashion and luxury. She worked for Alexander McQueen, Dolce Gabbana, and Calvin Klein, then moved on to create her own label and won awards as a fashion designer and shoe designer. On top of that, she also was a contributing editor for Vogue magazine.

Launching in Harrods, London; on the Luxury accessories lower ground floor from Friday 5 August, the Concession draws upon inspiration from the Cricket Stripe Collection, an important and evolving print that is becoming increasingly associated with the brand and its identity. British woven horsehair in classic sporting stripes.

Tanner Krolle is opening a new store at one of the iconic spots soon, 127, Mount street, Mayfair, London will soon host as a landmark by coming spring of 2023. A truly unique one-of-a-kind retail destination, the townhouse spanning 5 floors will feature a British café / restaurant, private dining room, VIP bespoke shopping suite, and several private games/meeting rooms decorated in the style of 1920s first-class train carriages. Tanner Krolle’s rich heritage will come to life through every element of interiors designed, F&B offering and customer service.

For most of us, it is always the journey than the destination which matters and wouldn’t it be better to share a journey with some classic luggage while it is on its own journey? Let’s keep an eye out now for the new era directed by Tabitha Simmons.

Check out the classic designs and be ready to pick out you next luggage choices here.

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