The life of a cup

By Mayra Llanos Cardona

What is a Monday morning like without that shot of caffeine, having a morning routine is the best way to get back into the swing of the week. But how much time have you spent thinking about what happens to the coffee cup once your done with it, because it takes 20-30 years to decompose in land fill. That is the true life of a cup.

Paper cups are made from the small seed which then grows and flourishes into a tree ready for extraction where it is transformed into sheets of paper that is half coated in wax or plastic to prevent the drink from seeping through the cup during consumption.

It’s never too late to change how you carry on drinking with your very own long lasting and reusable cup or bottle; whatever works for you because paper cups aren’t actually recyclable. It’s a little bit complicated.  

If you look around there are a few people already making the change of using reusable cups and bottles but the majority of them are millennials and generation z who are subconsciously working on reducing their waste as well as saving some money.  But we still have a long way to go.

Leading coffee shops in the UK have shown their push for people to use reusable cups by offering customers a discount on the cost of their take away.

If you havent brought your sustainable cup option and you want a stylish cup you could give Corkcicle a try, they are focused on bring personal style and sustainability together giving people the chance to reduce their personal impact to the planet. 

Corkcicle has a vast product range for drinkware and barwear because it’s what suits you best.  Whoever thought sustainability could be boring is wrong, Corkcicle has released a new collection for 2020 which includes coffee cups, hybrid canteens and sports cap canteens to fit your lifestyle. 

The Corkcicle coffee cups are designed to be used to not worry about your hot drink getting cold sooner than expected.  The coffee cup is not only to be used at home or in the office but it can be used on the go keeping your drink toasty for up to three hours.

Corkcicle hybrid canteens are designed to be the perfect blend of their stainless-steel bottle and glass bottle with hypoallergenic properties.  The design is not only the example of sophistication but in hydration; love your bottle more and for sure you will drink more water.  

The Corkcicle sports cap bottle is designed to work with you and help you keep fit with whatever activity that makes you move, the sports-savvy sizes and easy to carry design makes it easy when on the go keeping active. 

Buy one. Keep it. Create memories to last over 30 years.

Corkicicle is purchasable online and in leading department stores and selected independents including Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Harrods and ASOS.

Images edited by Angeliki Blessiou

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