The Revival of the Leopard

By Gabby Anaya

The concept of a muse is nothing new; it is something that has been seen throughout time. Originally, muses were these larger-than-life figures, the daughters of Zeus the Olympian God, who have gone on to offer inspiration to the arts and sciences. Now, however, muses can be found a-plenty. They are just people who, with their ideas or even just their presence, nurture creativity. This was the case with Christian Dior and the women that earned the title of being his muse; Raymonde Zehnacker, Marguerite Carré, and Mitzah Bricard. Find out more here in The Revival of the Leopard

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Dior Forever Cushion Powder Mitzah Limited Edition Collection; loose powder features a couture leopard print on its case. Appearing for the first time on the quilted lid of the loose powder, this pattern pays tribute to a leopard print from the House of Dior archives. Fine and fresh, Dior Forever Cushion Powder sets makeup. The limited-edition 820 Rose shade enhances the complexion in a subtly shimmering glow, without a powdery effect on the skin. The complexion is evened out, mattified and beautified.

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl- Dior en Rouge Limited Edition; Diorshow Iconic Overcurl, the iconic 24h-wear volume mascara from the House of Dior, is revealed this season in a couture brick-red shade, to discover in a limited edition. This stunning autumnal shade enhances the eyes with elegance. When the mascara is applied, the curl and volume of the lashes are spectacular, characteristic of this icon of Dior eye makeup. Fanned out to the extreme, the fringe of the lashes is defined and coated.

Rouge Dior- Mitzah Limited Edition; In the Mitzah limited edition, each shade of Rouge Dior lipstick features an engraving and matte, metallic, satiny or velvet couture finish. Infused with red peony and pomegranate flower extracts, Rouge Dior is the Dior lipstick with a floral care formula that provides lips with intense, long-wear colour and a feeling of comfort that lasts 16 hours.

Christian Dior had three main muses who were associated with his success. There was Raymonde Zehnacker, who was often referred to as Dior’s right-hand woman. She was described, by Christian Dior himself, as his other half or “second self”. While his creativity would send him into a land of fantasy and imagination, she was reported to be his anchor. She always provided him with stability and balance, but still an endless amount of encouragement. 

Her job title was director of the design studio, but in reality, her responsibilities stretched far wider than that. She pushed him both professionally and personally, and that devotion shone through in his work.

The second Dior Woman was Marguerite Carré. She originally worked for the House of Patou but was stolen away to be part of the Dior family. Her role as technical director was to make Christian Dior’s ideas and imagination a reality. She would receive sketches and designs of new ideas and it would be her job to turn them into real clothing or products for a Dior line. Down to the fabric they would use, she oversaw it and executed the creation and release of fabulous designs and lines of clothing that would build on the Dior empire. 

Finally, the last, and arguably the most influential Dior Woman was Mitzah Bricard. In the eyes of Christian Dior, she was the absolute in elegance and grace.

Her career in Dior began as a pattern maker, however, what she was most famously known for was being Christian Dior’s muse. She had responsibilities like collaborating with Dior on designs, accessorizing, and more, but it was her sophisticated presence and refined demeanour in which she held herself that made her the perfect muse for Dior. The kind of woman who walked into a room and commanded it. It was that impression that inspired Dior’s work and made her such an invaluable part of the team. 

Mitzah Bricard had signature looks that have stood the test of time. It was common to see her in pearls and hats, but her most recognizable trademark was her leopard print accessories that always enhanced her outfits. This look became so iconic and loved by Christian Dior, the print even made appearances in some of Dior’s clothing. 

Her look became so transformative and impactful in Dior history that it is still relevant in their modern-day designs. In fact, Dior’s newest released limited edition beauty collection is inspired by the legacy that Mitzah Bricard has left behind.

Some of the beauty products that can be found in this collection are items like the Diorshadow; an eyeshadow palette, Dior Forever Perfect Cushion; 24-hour wear foundation, and Dior Forever Skin Glow Cushion; a long-wear loose powder. As well, there are three specific fragrances included from La Collection Privée Christian Dior; Oud Ispahan, Ambre Nuit, and Gris Dior. They are dedicated to the refillable travel case that is also designed and created with Mitzah in mind.

The Dior eyeshadow pallet comes in a wide range of colours. It gives the user a choice from anywhere between subtle to daring. As well, there is the Dior Forever Skin Glow Cushion and Dior Forever Perfect Cushion, which is packaged in the new leopard print, Mitzah-inspired design. An added bonus of the previously mentioned make-up products is that, although the leopard print packaging is part of a limited series, you can keep the packaging and have them refilled so you never have to worry about no longer having the designs.

Another piece to the collection that Dior is introducing is a new muse who is supposed to embody everything that Mitzah Bricard was. The woman who will be taking on that mantle is Anya Taylor-Joy. She is an actress who has been seen in popular films and TV shows like The Menu and The Queen’s Gambit.

She has long been a fan of the House of Dior, and in 2021 she was announced as the global brand ambassador for Dior fashion and make-up. Anya Taylor-Joy has the same spirit that Mitzah Bricard brought to the House of Dior in her time.

Now, in this new era, we embrace the modern change of a new muse while still celebrating where it all began.

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