The Scent of Antiquity 

By Kuheli Biswas

Let’s talk about a romance that predates 5000 years of human history. This story transcends the borders of ancient Mesopotamia to Egypt, from the blues of the Nile to the burning deserts of Persia- humans’ love of scent. The scent of antiquity is alive and well.

Our love of all things beautiful led the ancestors to explore a way to embody the beauty of ourselves as well as our surroundings, from decadent roses to the frolicking deer. And our everlasting affair with scent was born in antiquity. Perfume dates back before the pyramids and is as imbued in our worlds from the beginnings of human existence.

Civilizations after civilizations, cultures after cultures extracted essences, resins and aromatic oils from myrrh, cedar, rose and more to create notes of fresh, fruity, edgy and floral scents.

Born in the world of ancient history and art, Adriana Carlucci wanted everyone to experience the beautiful scent of antiquity that she grew up with so she founded Ancienne Ambiance in 2004.  

Carlucci was raised among the fine art, jewellery and artifacts of ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Romans and Medievals that her family collected and sold for over five generations. She drew inspiration from the imaginations of bygone eras, which inspired her personal journey of scent with a small collection of six ancient-themed hand-poured scented candles sold at the family’s antique store. 

The popularity of her products leads her to create an independent brand commemorating the history of scents which came via her family’s legacy. After all, the art of perfume is as old, if not older than any artifact.

Exploring this area and as an example of her works, Carlucci recreated the authentic aromas that graced the palaces of ancient roman emperors in her Romana Candle through a sensual and comforting blend of amber tones.

Also, she bought alive the fragrance frenzy of ancient Rome through a delicate blend of Mediterranean Cyprus oil and musk in Aphrodite Luxury Cypress Candle. Inspired by the Roman mosaics and motifs, she bought these to life these via the Damask Reed Diffuser blended with floral opulence and regal beauty ready for use in your home.

Over the years, Carlucci successfully grew her company into a luxury lifestyle brand with an exclusive boutique in the heart of London. She is a firm believer in ethical and sustainable practices and has designed her company around promoting zero animal testing and environment-friendly packaging. 

Her boutique in Chelsea shows the three Hellenistic graces beautifully drawn on the window by @thewindowspainter Miguel. A wonderful white on glass invite drawing you into the very essence of the store. It gives the impression of having been carved on the window with an almost 3D effect.

One of them is radiance, one of them is joy and another one of them is beauty. and they are supposed to encompass everything about beauty and all its forms. They represent radiance and joy of the new year and the next one for love and the next one for mother’s day as well,” explained Carlucci in conversation with .Cent. 

Should you be inspired to further indulge your senses, why not try the fresh citrus scents of ancient orchards, woods and beautiful meadows with her Colonia collection which includes-

Colonia Nine IX Eau de Parfum: Sumptuous, exotic and woody scent – this cedar and sandalwood blend is pure glamour.

Colonia Eight VIII Eau de Parfum: An uplifting sweet Fig blend. Ideal to take you through Spring into Summer and on warm Winter days.

Colonia Seven VII Eau de Toilette: A sparkling and cheerful fruity citrus fragrance, Colonia VII is a unisex Cologne bursting with the freshness of a sunny day.

Colonia Six VI Eau de Toilette: A lively and charming warm fragrance with sweet fruity notes, Colonia VI is a unisex Cologne for day or night, full of berry freshness reminiscent of a beautiful garden. This is just one of her fragrances that has won an award.

Colonia Four IV Eau de Toilette: An uplifting and irresistibly chic citrus fragrance, Colonia IV is a traditional fresh unisex Cologne. 

Or discover her collection of body care products which include-

Arangia Salts: a luxurious bath salt with a deliciously fresh orange zest fragrance, these salts are a great mood lifter. 

Goddess Argan Hand & Body Wash:  made with natural glycerin in the traditional fashion of Marseille in France to create a moisturizing liquid soap free of SLS.

Rose water: floral water at its finest. It’s natural healing properties refresh and revitalise the skin.

Argan oil: the liquid gold for the skin is a beauty hero that has radiant and rejuvenating powers.

As well as all the above there is a wonderous offering in soaps, body scrubs, glassware, and a gift selection too. A tiny little store busting with gifts for the self and others.

From unisex fragrances to well-crafted pieces of jewellery, which she picks especially for her store, Carlucci has created a unique collection exploring the worlds of history, scent and antiquity.

She has a well-stocked website that during the coronavirus is the perfect portal to her wonderful offerings. For more information on the products visit: Ancienne Ambiance

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