The Scent of Refill

By Olivia Preston

Everything has a life span. Whether it be humans, animals, sofas, phones, trees or clothes, everything is in its own cycle. For example, flowers sprouting, then blooming, wilting and finally dying. Despite all their beauty and wonder, they still are at the mercy of a cycle. 

But this isn’t true of Lalique’s refillable perfumes from their Mon Premier Crystal Collection.

Lalique is changing the life cycle of luxury perfumes, with refillable crystal flacons, that are just as sophisticated as their less eco-friendly counterparts. A favoured luxury for many which often features on dressing tables, is perfume. Usually in bottles, perfumes spray until they’re out of liquid and are thrown away. Imagine how many perfectly fine, albeit empty perfume bottles you have put in the bin

The collection features three fragrances from three esteemed fragrance artists. Sensuel by Karine Dubreuil-Sereni, Lumiere by Alexandra Monet and Tendre by Sidonie Lancesseur.


Utilising the delicate scents of the Orient, Karine Dubreuil-Sereni drew on her personal tastes for this latest scent. Wanting to express the glow of a crystal, the composition opens with vibrant fruit, mandarin and orange. The scent then delves into the velvety softness of peach for the heart, before ending on vanilla, patchouli and amber, finishing off this Oriental accord.


Working between Munich, New York and Paris, Alexandra Monet is a keen traveller whose love of forceful notes such as leather and patchouli had aided her composition of feminine fragrances.

The notes of this fragrance begins with mandarin, black saffron and almond. Lumiere then harnesses the power of white flowers in its heart of jasmine, tuberose and liquorice. Finishing with base notes of cashmere wood and patchouli.


A perfumer since 2006, Sidonie Lancesseur uses concise formulas to create her scents. She utilises the most beautiful and quintessentially feminine flower, the rose to set wearers on a sensory journey.

Tendre starts with a top of pear and sweet Lily of the Valley, which is followed by a heart – a field of roses, with rose petals and essence. The bottom notes are that of white musk and vanilla, rounding off this sweet and intoxicating fragrance.

Each perfume comes in a white coffret with swallow motif and a golden base and clasp. The bottle is decorated with a delicate coloured ribbon adorned with metal tags. Also included is a perfume puff, so that the bottle can be sprayed daily as well as a travel pouch, instructions and phials of the collection’s other fragrances.

The ability to simply buy a 100ml refill for these exquisite bottles means that the life of the bottle is endless. These flacons are much too precious to not be part of your bedroom for years and years.

Mon Premier Crystal Collection

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