The Tooth Fairy?

By Alliya Sophia Bouyis

Remember when we were children and we used to try and stay awake to catch the tooth fairy in action after a traumatic day of losing one of our baby teeth? No matter how hard we tried we would always fall asleep, only to wake up to an absent tooth and a shiny little pound coin to pop into our sparkly, bright pink piggy bank. I guess now as adults the tooth fairy has had enough of us, however, instead of pound coins we can get something even better, perhaps the tooth fairy lives to provide great oral products?

Images Jason Yates

Ok, maybe we are pushing our luck here as adults hoping to find treasure under our pillows, but an exciting new beauty trend is oral healthcare. So, meet some of the new additions to the family. Introducing Gallinée’s brand new oral care range!

Many traditional oral care products claim to kill 100% of the bacteria in our mouths but at what expense? Some of the long-term damage of using such harsh formulas are just not worth the risk. Gallinée puts the focus on carving a healthy and diverse oral ecosystem by supporting our mouth’s microbiome.

Gallinée fresh generation of products guarantees to give our teeth the sensitivity and care they deserve. The first of the products is their Prebiotic Toothpaste. The natural prebiotic, Xylitol is the perfect alternative to Fluoride to fight plaque and cavities, helping to remineralise enamel, reduce acid production and increase oral-balancing salivary flow. With 95% natural origin, this toothpaste works like no other by giving us a 35% decrease in plaque after 21 days, and using beautiful touches of Verbena and Mint Essential Oils for fresh breath.

The next product Gallinée boasts is the Mouth & Microbiome Supplement Tablets. This product is specifically designed to maintain a continuous, round the clock care for the ideal minty fresh breath. The product is also especially desirable because it manages to be vegan as well as sugar and gluten-free, making it a much more ethical and healthier alternative to the standard chewing gum.

As our understanding of CBD grows it is no surprise to see a new toothpaste from dynamic toothpaste brand L. A Pacific who have added to their range another Enzyme Whitening toothpaste this time with CBD complex added. Their general brief (clinically proven) is to achieve whiter teeth in 60 seconds so now included in their offering is the World’s First CBD infused multi-action whitening toothpaste, providing all the whitening efficacy of L.A. Pacific’s original formula plus overall mouth and gum health benefits.

L.A. Pacific clinical trials showing 82% stain removal in 2 minutes with no enamel damage. This Gum Health toothpaste is packed with a superhero trio of Cannabidiol (CBD – THC free), Aloe Vera and Vitamin E – which are well known for their ability to invigorate gum tissue and keep your mouth clean. L.A. Pacific have also included their revolutionary enzyme to brighten your smile instantly.

Oral healthcare is also fun and colourful too now. The next product comes from Cocofloss who have developed a sustainable floss made from recycled plastic bottles. It is a disappointing yet widely known fact that only 9% of the world’s plastic is recycled, so Cocofloss has taken huge steps to not contribute to this major issue of unsustainability by ensuring their floss is devised from 85% recycled plastic bottles, and impressively have also created through a chemical-free process that emits 32% less carbon dioxide than their original process.

This high performing floss is made up of 500 interwoven filaments covering the maximum surface area to destroy plaque and debris from our teeth and gums. It makes our teeth sparkle and shine with its textured composition, whilst equally echoing a high standard of sustainability through no animal testing or toxins and being 100% vegan.

All these exciting new products are demonstrating how the changes to become more sustainable can only further benefit us and our teeth.

Discover more on sustainable oral care from Gallinée and Cocofloss. and L.A. Pacific.

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