Watch Woman

By Yasmin Ayture

The power of the woman is celebrated through two new endeavours by two unique Swiss watch brands; Hamilton and RADO. Their statement and innovative collaborations reinvent the possible. Crossing boundaries, merging layers, and intersecting worlds drive these ideas from abstract thought, into reality. Texture, colour and form are the key materials alongside a forward-thinking design-driven aesthetic. Find out more in Watch Woman Here

RADO continue to lead in material and technological excellence and have just collaborated with French-Austrian designer Marina Hoermanseder to bring to life a brand-new version of its iconic Captain Cook watch. Loyal, signature elements are kept as they are, including the sturdy leather strap and trademark buckle, but the order is switched up and reimagined. For the first time, the watch and MH buckle can both adorn the same side of the wrist.

Merging boundaries, Hamilton, bridge the virtual world and modern reality in their collaboration with the video game franchise Far Cry® 6. Their timeline of innovation, integration and connection continues as Hamilton watches now enter the gaming world after already appearing in over 500 movies and TV shows to date.

Extraordinary strength thrives within the stainless-steel RADO Captain Cook x Marina Hoermanseder watch, aiming to entice, enclosing the feminine mystery of the woman. Also born to strive and fight for liberty, Far Cry® 6 ‘s resourceful guerrilla Dani will wear the ideal military Hamilton watch to take on the greatest challenges.

Indeed, combining grace and elegance with the grit of commitment and pursuit of excellence, RADO’s new version of its Captain Cook watch takes the colour of pink or black, accompanying the Rose gold hands, buckle and flange. The new design comes in an extra-long version to wrap around the wrist twice: preparation and readiness for all that is coming.

Marina Hoermanseder is the ideal collaboration for RADO, being unafraid of experimentation and playing with the boundaries of colour and form. With 8 jubilé diamonds and 0.064 carats Rose gold on the dial, the contemporary 37mm timepiece plays with subtlety and distinction through its paradox of exquisite, bold and fierce visions.

Time after time, Hamilton’s Khaki field watches provide a reliable and rugged timepiece to wearers on Earth. In which dimension are we in when we overcome the unimaginable? The Hamilton Khaki Field watch’s resilience and robustness is embodied by the main character Dani, wearing it during her plight against the tyrannical Antón Castillo’s regime.

Life’s adventures know only the future, the fearless sequence of courage and motion. Khaki Field watches are built for this, unrivalled in their solid classic army style design. Dani has been gifted the Hamilton watch from Juan Cortez for completing a dangerous mission; her choice to overcome fear existed within.

Time has no limits with Hamilton bringing another level of reality to Far Cry® 6, removing any separation between the then and the now. The touch of the earthy-coloured and natural light leather strap will be tantalising, laying within plasma’s unreachable bounds whilst seeming so close. Defying order and entering a time loop of adventure and courage takes place at the most unexpected times.

RADO Captain Cook x Marina Hoermanseder has been released and Far Cry® 6 will launch worldwide on October 7, 2021. Lessons learnt from conquests and journeys taken throughout the ages fuse with the mechanics of contemporary technology and the commitment to liberty.

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