Slide in the DM’s

By Alimatu Milania Moreira Jallo

 A brand created for workers, a brand which power and authority were undermined and adopted by diverse individuals. A brand that represents rebellion, musicians, different youth cultures and tribes. A brand that celebrates sixty years of durability, comfort, attitude, empowerment and individuality. A brand named Dr.Martens. 

For their 60th Anniversary, Dr. Martens is collaborating with twelve different brands to remaster and remix their original DM’s boot. The question is simple “What does the 1460 mean to you?” The 1460 means something different to everyone and Dr. Martens wants these twelve brands to express what the 1460 signifies to them by reinterpreting it, these are brands with whom Dr. Martens already has a creative relationship. 

The one-off collaborations will drop once each month throughout 2020. The first was designed by A Bathing Ape. Their version of the 1460 combines the two brands’ core markings. It includes the original BAPE camo print and its prized BAPE STA logo.

Their second collaboration which dropped in February was designed by Raf Simons. Inspired by the customisation trend during the New Romantic/Punk club scene of the late 70s, Simons covered the boot with a series of anarchistic punk-style nickel rings placed as a nod to the structure of a mid-century design piece and the rebellious punk culture with avant-garde design. 

A brand named Dr. Martens.

As a finishing detail, a dual-branded Dr. Martens x Raf Simons logo is embossed on the boot’s ankle cuff. Both brands are deeply influenced by music, art and youth subcultures. 

Once again, don’t forget. A brand named Dr. Martens. If you enjoy reading creative pieces head over to Freckle freak so you can read more.

The BAPE collection has been available from the 25th of January
The Raf Simons collection has been available from the 22nd of February at Dr. Martens Website and select partners.
A Bathing Ape, Raf Simons, Dr. Martens 

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