Tis’ The Evening of Spooky; Happy Halloween

By Jo Phillips

It’s getting darker earlier, it’s getting chilly too, and by evening it verges on cold. Who wants to run home and snuggle up with a wooly blanket a roaring fire and a scented candle? Think warmth of oranges, browns, and red hues of the season. But hey what’s that noise outside? A knock on the door..are you scared? After all Tis’ The Evening of Spokey; Happy Halloween

Dark shadows casting across a wall bring chills up the spine. Maybe you love a horror story or maybe you just don’t like being scared out of your wits? Tonight is the one day of the year when it’s officially allowed to be ghoulish. When troubled spirits come out to play or just the kids next door with buckets for candy?

Maybe the best way to deal with it is to wrap up in a snuggly blanket and, if you can, a roaring fire whilst burning an autumnal-scented candle, which is certainly a lot better than eating raw garlic to keep the ghouls at bay.

Diptyque the Frech super candle company (the originators of scented home fragrance) has just what you need. The Citroeuille Candle is a Seasonal limited edition, The Herbarium of Fruits, so think of warming seasonal notes.

Citroeuille is of course the fruit of the season albeit a savoury one; its Pumpkin of course.

And in case you were not a plant scientist then a Herbarium is a whole plant or plant parts usually dried form mounted on a sheet of paper. A collection if you like, of preserved plant specimens used for scientific study.

Image By Unknown author

This particular candle is inspired by dried fruits so think mouthwatering notes of chestnut and spices, inspired by traditional pumpkin pies, mingling with crisp green accents of fruit.

This limited edition scented candle adds a fresh page to Diptyque’s ever-growing herbarium of scents. A mellow autumnal feel, to be savoured.

If you don’t have a real fire then add a Feu de Bois candle too to set up the scent of a roaring fire or the Ambre (amber) for Amber infused with precious and enveloping woods.

Whatever you do tonight if you want a calm night light a candle to keep you company and enjoy the ‘spirit’ of the night. Snap it up as its Limited Edition and then you can move on to the delicious Christmas range too.

To find all the ranges from Diptyque.com here

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