Tough but Beautiful

By Lauren Tighe

When we think of the word ‘material’ we often think of the way something is made and the quality of resources used from luxurious fabrics to precious gems. In ‘Tough but Beautiful’ we explore how brands use these precious gems or strong fibres to create luxurious pieces.


Aliita multicolour cameo choker

Alitta means “important object” in Wayuu, the native language of Zulia-Venezuela, which is where the founder Cynthia Vilchez Castiglioni, grew up. Aliita, the anagram of Italia, is a girly, fun, minimalist jewellery brand using an interesting selection and cuts of precious natural stones made environmentally consciously in Italy.

Aliita brioche necklace

Their latest collection ‘Aliita Market’ takes inspiration from the fruits of mother nature with bright and juicy fruit and vegetable motifs, made from quality materials, that aim to bring joy and brighten your day.

Aliita dragonfruit necklace

Each piece bursts with vibrant colours, whether made from oxidised eco-sustainable coral, glittering ethically sourced Tuscan gold, or porcelain cameo.

Aliita limone cameo and pearl earrings

The collection answers our calls for tough but beautiful accessories with playfulness interwoven. The feminine design and conscious use of materials uplifts any outfit with a minimalist pop of colour and elegance.

Aliita carrot bracelet


3X1 boyfriend short renaissance

Denim brand; 3X1, has made a comeback this year. Founded in 2011 by Scott Morrison, 3X1 has always been centred on the quality of the production process of high-end denim.

3X1 Sabina vintage touch river blue jeans

Born in New York, the brand has strong roots with the American history of denim as a practical form of workwear and forms a production hybrid borrowing inspiration from Italian craftsmanship and Japanese innovation.

3X1 Jane Curve Brightstone jeans

The combination of the different cultural ideals towards production, breeds quality durable denim clothing with sculpturally fitted silhouettes and off-beat innovative textures.

3X1 Elizabelle skirt Glacier

This approach allows for an effortlessly chic collection of denim that puts emphasis on quality and timeless subtle design features; perfect for the likes of the nonchalant ‘it’ girl.

3X1 Brooklyn Shirt

Though we live in a budget culture; that has often been centred around finding the best bargain, Fashion is moving towards a quality over quantity approach. People are beginning to see the benefits of buying less and choosing wisely. Brands like Aliita and 3X1 are spearheading this period of change through intelligent design, using tough materials to produce beautiful and delicate solutions.

3X1 Oversized crop vest & carter shorts

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