Transform..your wardrobe NOW!

By Jo Phillips

Got that feeling in your bones that you just need something fresh to wear…the new Topshop Unique Collection  is now available on line

Dont forget we shot it here .  From sky blue shearling to lace and delicate bird prints its all about mix and match.   A chiffon blouse with a tiger print lurex top all under and velvet suit? How are those bones feeling now?  Buy it all here but move quickly because there is only ever ever a limited amount produced.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 15.40.31

You can view our full shoot here too if you particularly like a pre collection, this is of course pre fall 16.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 15.35.30

A range of TOPSHOP-designed accessories that incorporate the bPay contactless payment technology, has been launched. The collection comprises; bracelets, smartphone cases and key chains in a luxe metal and snake effect design, all created to discreetly hold the small bPay by Barclaycard contactless chip, which links to a secure digital wallet, enabling customers to shop with style and ease wherever they see the contactless symbol. Available in selected TOPSHOP stores and online from 9th June 2016.

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Launched by Barclaycard in 2014, bPay is available to anyone with a UK-registered Visa or MasterCard, debit or credit card, not just Barclaycard and Barclays customers. Users conveniently add funds to their digital wallet on-the-go using a mobile app, online through the bPay web portal, or set up an automatic top-up which adds funds when their balance falls below a pre-set level.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 10.29.24

Safer than carrying cash and just as secure as any credit and debit card, all payments come with the same fraud protection that is applied to contactless cards. If lost or stolen, users can remotely shut down their contactless accessory via the bPay mobile app or bPay website.

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