Travel Ready

By Jo Phillips

How to prep for travelling abroad

It’s been a hot minute since anyone was freely able to travel abroad due to the outbreak of the pandemic. However, as countries begin to open their borders and travel restrictions begin to easy, many people are beginning to book much needed and well-deserved holidays. However, many people are feeling a bit out of the loop because planning to go abroad has in many ways changed. Here’s what you can do beforehand to prep for you trip and feel as ready as possible when it comes to travelling.

Meticulous planning, done far in advance is a steadfast way to have your trip run as smoothly as possible – this way you aren’t in store for any nasty surprises. So, what exactly are the things you need to be thinking about?


After deciding what destination you are travelling to, and booking flights and accommodation, ensure you have all the required documentation ready for your trip. Double check to see that your passport is still in date on the day of travel as getting a new one can take a long time. If you are going away for an extended period, you may need a visa. Turning up without the right documentation means you may not be able to board a flight or will find yourself stuck at the border in a country you are unfamiliar with. Another thing you must be 100% prepared for given the current climate, is what Covid-19 requirements you need to enter your home country and the country you are travelling to. This differs for every country – you may need to show proof of a negative test or vaccine status alongside filling out an arrival form. Completing all of this and having it organised long before your trip will help you feel less stressed at customs, as you know exactly what to expect.

Airport transfers and other bookings

It’s a good idea to book a lot of things in advance when travelling overseas, as you may find yourself as a tourist getting taken advantage of and spending a lot of money on overpriced services. Book your train tickets to the airport well in advance and find a reputable company to book airport transfers within your host country. You will feel a lot more relaxed knowing all you have to do is locate your driver upon arrival. Additionally, if you are visiting a popular tourist destination and are planning on doing some sightseeing, get your chosen activities booked up now – otherwise, you may be disappointed.

Packing Essentials

A crucial part of preparing for your journey is selecting the right luggage, as it can greatly impact your travel comfort. The choice of your suitcase should be tailored to the length of your trip. For short travels lasting 1-2 days, a smaller suitcase will be enough. However, for extended travels, a medium or large suitcase is more suitable to accommodate all your needs. Medium hard shell suitcase is a great choice if you’re travelling abroad for an extended period, as they’re sturdy and lightweight so you’ll have no problems handling them at airports or hotels.

Before you start packing your bag, take some time to consider your schedule, activities, and events you’ll be attending. Reflect on any events that may require a specific dress code and coordinate your outfits to match these occasions. By packing with a specific plan in mind, instead of just following your instincts, you can prevent overpacking and guarantee that you have suitable attire for each event on your itinerary.


Your personal safety is the most important thing when travelling internationally. Ensure you have some good quality travel insurance in case of a medical emergency. You may also consider investing in some sort of cancellation protection in case any unforeseen circumstances mean you can no longer travel. Invoke common sense and always remain aware of your surroundings, especially if you are travelling alone – pickpockets can be rife in tourist-dominated areas.

Do your research

Finally, it’s highly advisable to do some research before you travel to your chosen country. You may want to learn a few phrases in their language or read up on the current political climate and the general culture. For example, many people see Dubai as a place to soak up the sun, but forget this country is largely conservative and clothes such as miniskirts are inappropriate. You don’t want to get caught out!

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