Trim to Tremendous

By Steph Jones

After a few years of obsessing over the micro-mini bag is it time to think more practically? It’s safe to say that humans have always had a fascination with creating miniature versions of ordinary-sized things, perhaps as an attempt to control the crazy world we live in, but when it comes to convenience, trimmed down bags don’t spare the space to be prepared. Read more about some giant bags to keep your eyes on here in Trim to Tremendous.

Main Illustration By Ellie Darby-Prangnell

With the revival of iconic mini shoulder bag styles, from the early 2000’s such as the Dior saddlebag and the Prada re-nylon re-edition, it was inevitable that younger brands were going to spin the trend in their own way. What none of us expected was the popularity and cult obsession of the Jacquemus Le Chiquito bag first shown in their SS18 collection. The structured handbag resembled the full-size model but was to be worn cross-body on a long strap or just held in the hand, and the following year was scaled down even more to create the ultra-tiny Le Petit Chiquito. These fun-sized bags were bound to go viral whilst we were all locked in our homes contemplating the absurdity of the times.

Following this other brands started to create their own tiny bags, fit for one thing and one thing only; Air pods. Similarly to Paris Hilton flaunting her dog in a bag, people began to adopt the tiny bag as an accessory, becoming more like a novelty necklace than a usable bag.

Multiple designers even decided to make miniature full collections in the past few years as a reaction to the pandemic and working from home. It was interesting to see how Dior and Moschino translated size and scale into the final garments, on such tiny mannequins, details such as buttons and stitching become so much more significant than they would on a full-size figure. This play on scale is prominent in the switch from micro-mini bags to swamping styles where we see small bag models blown up larger than life for promotional imagery. Bearing the question, are these tremendous bags just for show just like their tiny cousins or can they be incorporated into an everyday wardrobe?

With our plans up in the air, it is becoming more important to be prepared for anything, a modern Mary Poppins if you will. With the ever loved canvas tote serving this purpose and being a go-to for many busy city inhabitants, can we find a place in our hearts for a bigger more luxurious and put together bag?

Discover some of the new season’s best oversized bags below.

The Row has a few sling bags available in neutral tones and varied textiles with more coming from their SS22 collection. Above, the Dafy Bag in Cashmere, designed to look like a jumper with sleeves tied to make a strap, a casual and interesting style for any minimalist. Other oversized bag styles from the Row include the Bindle Three Bag in Leather, TR609 Bag in Nylon and are all available on

The Barbes Large East-West Shopper bag by Balenciaga is an oversized shopping tote inspired by the infamous Red-white-blue bag found in laundrettes all over the world. In true Balenciaga fashion, taking everyday items and making them luxury, their scaled-down bag is made from calfskin, lined with organic cotton, printed and embossed to make a more sturdy and polished everyday bag. Available on

Image from Mowalola pop up taken by Steph Jones

Mowalola has recently released images via Instagram of an enormous version of their signature Bundle Bag, the original bag comes in two sizes the Large Bungle Bag and Medium Bundle Bag both available on and hopefully we will see this scaled-up version available in coming drops.

Khaite also has a range of large bags in relaxed leather styles, The Large Lotus Tote, available on, is big enough to carry all your worldly possessions whilst keeping its interesting sculptural structure. These large bold black bags are the type of accessory that works well with something like a flowing and contrasting ivory jumper dress for a dramatic contrasting ensemble.

Up and coming designer Chet Lo has designed one of the most tremendous bags on the market this season, the Large Spiky Bag in a pastel yellow shade has an almost cartoon-like silhouette and is covered in the brand’s signature textured knit. Available on

Loewe’s XL Flamenco bag, originally released in the 1970s is a classic silhouette made in Nappa Calfskin with lather drawstring knots to sinch in the open tote. Available on

JW Anderson’s Medium chain-strap leather shoulder bag is a large triangular bag with slouchy leather that collapses to close the bag and a thick gold chain handle to match perfectly with the brand’s popular loafers. Available on

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