Tuning to Toons

By Smriti Agrahari

“It is fun to have fun but you have to know how!” says the Cat in the Hat. What if lockdown life could be made fun by sweeping back to childhood not only by flipping through old photographs but also cartoon characters from our childhood. Finding ways to make our life full of frolic and adventure by Tuning to Toons.

From wardrobes to lifestyle products, cartoons are making their appearance. Consider the numerous collaborations between brands and characters like Joyrich x The Simpsons, Moschino, Balenciaga and Gucci taking a liking for cartoons on the runway shows. The trending wave is also in consumer goods.

Smeg the home goods compnay are known for the finest Italian appliances particularly focusing on aesthetics, ergonomics, and functionality. The brand collaborated with the beloved Snoopy character developing products that express design and performance but also grab attention with lighthearted fun designs.

The artwork of Snoopy laying in his classic pose above his doghouse, flanked by his friend Woodstock, who flies above lends perfectly to the retro curves of the FAB10 design for a truly perfect pairing. available from Smeg’s London Store, 14 Regent Street, St James’s, SW1Y 4PH, also available online.

These refrigerators are designed with the intension to create an atmosphere of delight. It is the perfect expression which combines pop culture and industrial expertise in everyday objects. Transform the simple kitchen appliance into designer furnishing, creating unmistakably refined aesthetics in your kitchen space.

Dr Seuss in collaboration with Irregular Choice to adventure into the fanciful accessories collection, inspired by the classic Dr. Seuss stories. The new line of accessories will be arriving in store. Find your fun Whether it’s your thing or not, it opens the door for some renewed creativity and fun.

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