Its Veganuary Time

By Millie Winter

As we start to undress our trees and take down our lights, we look for the next best thing to keep our brains occupied. Celebrating Christmas is delightful for glorious food and gifting with loved ones. But, as January rolls around, it is a time to give back, this time in a different way. Meet a brand that is taking part in Veganuary, a global pledge to stay vegan for the 31 days of the month of January, Floral Street has created completely vegan and cruelty-free products. Read more about this months movement and a brand taking part here in Its Veganuary Time.

The Vegan Society is a UK non-profit organization that promotes its vegan practices and encourages others to take part in the vegan lifestyle. Specifically, the month of January is a special one. Their group has created the month of Veganuary for those who want to participate in being vegan for the entire month. You can sign up for this here.

Veganuary 2021 witnessed an even higher surge than last year, with over 580,000 people from 209 countries signing up to try a vegan diet.

According to Alli Farrar at Macmillan Publishers, “One person eating vegan just one day per week saves approximately 40lbs of grain (which could feed hungry populations around the world), 1100 gallons of water, 30 square feet of forest, and one animal.” 

It is very important that we understand what all these beauty brands are preaching. There is a difference between a product being simply vegan versus cruelty-free. Vegan means the elimination of animal ingredients while cruelty-free refers to products that have not been tested on animals; there is quite a big difference here.

Floral Street‘s scent ‘Electric Rhubarb’ follows its goals of being 100% vegan and cruelty-free. According to founder, Michelle Feeney, “If you want customers in the future, you have to think about the future of the planet.”

Their credentials are completely approved by PETA as well, (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

The new scent is a Fragrance Foundation UK Award, Winner. An unexpected and bubbly vegan perfume. White florals, Island Gardenia, and powdery Sandalwood are combined with the scent of English Rhubarb and a blast of salty sea air.

In addition to their new scent, they have released “Powered by Flowers”, scented reeds. The reeds themselves are 100% plastic-free. Available in 5 mood-boosting scents, Wonderland Bloom, Grapefruit Bloom, Midnight Tulip, Vanilla Bloom, and Lady Emma.

The brands packaging is also 100% compostable recyclable and reusable. “Pulp cartoons” require less energy because they are made in less than a minute, with wastewater being cleaned and recycled and any waste pulp being composted at local farms.

“Our packaging is printed with vegetable and soy-based inks, and the card and glass fragrance bottles are widely recyclable.”

For this special month, join brands like Floral Street in taking part in the vegan movement.

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Images from Floral Street.

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