Verge; Getting Ziggy With It

By Georgina Sussman


Giuseppe Zanotti’s new Stiletto, The “G-Heel” Sandal is the Ziggy Stardust of shoes, they’re exciting, dynamic and new to the times, Ziggy Stardust is David Bowie’s alter-ego and The “G-Heel” Sandal is the Stiletto’s alter-ego. A lightning bolt fore fronts their image, one on the face and the other in the heel, becoming the foundation of their identity, one as a shoe and the other as a person . Both David Bowie and his alter-ego are equally iconic, glamourous and eccentric, creating amazing music, fashion statements and unforgettable movements in both the fashion and music industry, being the ultimate icon.


Giuseppe Zanotti’s new SS18 heel is the Stiletto’s alter-ego. With a new sculptural twist, the Stiletto has found itself a new image and edge with a bold statement, a stylized G in the structural arc of the heel, transforming the Stiletto into The “G-Heel” sandal. The brands signature ‘G’ has incorporated itself in a bold statement to the delicate and classic sandal, it’s completely unexpected and creates a bolt of lightning in their glossy patent and mirrored metallic leathers. The shoes come in vibrant and bold colours, green, red, black and silver, capturing the hearts of all shoe fanatics.


With a lightning bolt shaped G and exciting colours, the showstopping “G-Heel” Sandal, a take on the Stiletto , will make you “The Prettiest Star” to your “Soul Love”.


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