Frame; Simply Nude Too!

By Julie Jacobs

Nail brands are leading the way (as I would expect them to), creating colours with undertones from dark chocolate, rich caramel, soft peach to subtle pinks.  I’ve been impressed with O.P.I Leighton DennyNails INCZoyaDeborah lippmann, CND and in particular Butter LONDON, who have a wonderful range called Tinted Moisturiser in six translucent colours and shades.  So following on from Simply Nude lipsticks, flesh-toned nail varnishes are growing to encompass a wider range of complexions.  Although I have noticed a lot of brands carry colours from mid to very dark ‘flesh’ shades, do not put them in the ‘Nude’ section but will generally be in the Brown section instead. I wonder if this is because they’re referencing the colour of the nail bed and not the skin?  So either way a little searching on your part is needed.

IMG_6781Shot One

Right Nail:  Zoulou Velvet Matte by Christian Louboutin
Left Nail
Black Cherry Ink by Guerlain
Top of finger downwards
White Snow by Marc Jacobs

Madame Est Nue by Christian Louboutin
556 Beige by Chanel
Madam 158 by Marc Jacobs

IMG_6780Shot Two

Right Nail:   Diamond Ivory by Leighton Denny
Left Nail:   CNC 1136 Prenup by Jessica
Top of finger downwards:
Natural White by Leighton Denny
Tea for two by Leighton Denny
Fair by Butter London
Gel-1129 Tease by Jessica
Deep by Butter London

IMG_6779Shot Three

Main fingernail:   Check Mate by Revlon
Top of finger downwards:   Hide and Seek by IZ
Perfect Pair by Revlon
Organdi by Chanel
Mink Coat by IZ
Madison Avenue by IZ


Shot Four
Main fingernail:   Crown jewels by Leighton Denny
Top of finger downwards:
You Don’t Know Jacques! by Opi
Ice landed by Opi
Naked Contours by Jessica
Sssh! by Jessica
Bare it all by Jessica

Creative Director: Jo Phillips @ David Artists
Beauty Editor  Julie Jacobs David Artists
Photography Marc Beaussart
Post Production Layer 1
Nails: Chisato Yamamoto @ David Artists

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