Vivid: One Pair of Shorts at a Time

By Jo Phillips

It’s always heartwarming when companies focus on not only their income, but also how their business impacts others. The fashion brand Colcha Clothing is one example of a company that does this, as it is focused on helping to develop South Africa while also supplying well-made men’s shorts.


The way it works is as follows: When the creators of the brand find a fabric they like, they locate the manufacturer. If there aren’t many workers at the manufacturer, they train more via their skills school. If there are any social, economic, or environmental problems that are impacting the region of the manufacturer, the company will work with local experts to combat them. Thus, they end up creating a sustainable ecosystem around the fabrics they source.

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The shorts are found in a variety of colors, patterns, and are perfect for any summer wardrobe. Plus, they are created for a good cause! Their shorts are truly a symbol of hope and creativity.

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Photographs: Colcha Clothing

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