The Gift of Giving

By Bella Pallett

When two join as one, the things that can be achieved become even more powerful. So when two iconic brands come together providing beauty to support an amazing cause, the result can be nothing less than spectacular by providing the gift of giving. Image on left Jason

The luxurious and iconic Italian brands, scent heroes Acqua di Parma and fashion brand Emilio Pucci, have joined together to support the incredible organisation, Save the Children, with a new collection for the holidays celebrating life, love and joy.

Acqua di Parma began over one hundred years ago in 1926 and has always worked hard to preserve and radiate the art of Italian living for future generations. Working alongside Emilio Pucci, known for combining essential design with the joy of colour, the two brands are associated perfectly, the joyful style of Emilio Pucci mixed with the radiance of Acqua di Parma.

Associated with their values of traditional workmanship and a passion for beauty, the two have come together to support Save the Children’s project, ‘Rewrite the Future’. Supporting children and young people who are at risk and facing up against a challenging background of social conditions and lack of educational facilities, the project is working to support the most deprived by guaranteeing their right to quality education.

The two Italian brands aim to offer constructive support through helping to sustain the Rewrite the Future campaign with their collaboration, Holiday Season. It is a symbol of commitment and a message of positivity and confidence, a gift to both the current and future generations.  

The iconic Vortici print, taking inspiration from an Emilio Pucci archive theme, is reinterpreted in Acqua di Parma’s classic yellow using the harmonious movement of light and colour. Taking us on a journey into the varied universes of Italian beauty ranging from sophisticated urban architecture to beautiful floral gardens and the Mediterranean coast, the collection is crafted to create a sense of freedom.

Holiday Season is brought to life by the young but consolidated Italian director Virgilio Villoresi who holds a delicate poetic sensitivity. Defining himself as the craftsman of dreams, he has transformed the collection into a contemporary fable.

Creating a motion video displaying a dynamic swirl of colour travelling from one end of Italy to the other, spreading light and joy across the country. By transforming the sky and wrapping up the world in its magic, the video ends with the brightest night of all.

Yet to be released it remains clear that the overall effect is dynamic, and the collection displays a master level of craftsmanship and modern sensitivity that could only be accomplished by the two iconic Italian Maisons associated with their craft and passion.

Available from October there is a wide range of products included in the collection so that you can find the perfect product for you whilst supporting an amazing cause.

Including three different gift sets, this collection is perfect if you want to experience the gift of giving. Featuring Acqua di Parma’s signature scent, Colonia, the gift sets include a deodorant spray, shampoo, shower gel, as well as a 100ml bottle of the luxurious scent.

Also included in the collaboration are the Ritual Sets, designed to capture the luxury of Italian living and personal care.

Or if you would prefer a gift for your home during the colder seasons, the iconic fragrance from Acqua di Parma’s Home Collection, Notte di Stelle, has been crafted into candles a room diffuser. The notes of pine oil and the luxurious fragrance of birch wood and Guajac collide with raspberry and spicy clove, perfect for the festive season.

These atmospheric gifts are perfect for accompanying the joy of sharing the special time of the year with loved ones. A festive night decorates the packaging and the glass of both the candle and the diffuser illuminated by the colours of Vortici to help brighten up the dark evenings and nights.

The diffuser comes in both a 180ml and 500ml format whilst the candle comes in a 200g format or a 500g version which features three wicks to ensure your home is kept cosy.

To top it all off, the collection even features an advent calendar containing 25 spectacular gifts to be opened throughout December, revealing a whole world of surprises behind each door.

There is something for everyone in this perfectly paired collaboration that conceptualises the beauty of the Italian lifestyle whilst sharing passion for positive change. By supporting Holiday Season and the joining of two established brands, you are also supporting ‘Rewrite the Future’ and helping to craft better lives for children and future generations to come.

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