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By Gaurav Gujar

Many of us have imagined a car driving by the seaside with the top down, feeling like we are the star of our own personal movie. Cars are special in many ways and are very personal for so many, with quite a few of us giving them names. Some of these are also considered iconic and classics often made so by some of the films where they have been the star. Let’s have a look at some classic British cars and their role in some iconic films and TV shows.

When we talk about classic British cars, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin, Bentley, and Mini; such are the names which pop up in the conversations. But there are also brands like MG, Lotus, McLaren, Morgan, TVR and many others that maybe don’t get the same limelight. Where famous or infamous we celebrate them here.

Aston Martin – DB5

Of course, we have to start with the car driven by James Bond. There might be just a handful of people who wouldn’t want to own an Aston Martin. James Bond is known to drive Astons just for its sheer brilliance as a car, and this 2021 movie had 1965 DB5 to showcase its excellence and classic nature in thrilling chase sequences. The looks, the drive, the status and all the attention it gets is something beyond expression. DB5 has a 4.0 L inline six pumping out 282 bhp; 390 Nm torque. Top speed of 145 mph.

MINI Cooper

A cult heist film Italian Job (1969) directed by Peter Collinson, made many of the audiences just get a Mini for themselves. Mini as its name, always were so compact, cute and convenient for city life, and the cherry on the cake was the engine specs and the power which impressed many but looking at the heist’s chase sequence, many would have had some naughty thoughts for sure.. Mini has evolved a lot over years and now has a platter of models to offer. With 1.5-2.0 L; 3 or 4 cylinder engines, giving options of 134-228 bhp and 219-270 Nm torque to select from with top speed of 152 mph makes MINI surely a toy for many adults even today.

Rolls Royce – Phantom

And then there is the Rolls Royce, the ultimate symbol of success, the epitome of luxury and bigger-than-life presence. Almost everyone would notice you getting out of a Rolls Royce and heads turning all the time. Rowan Atkinson, popular as the character Mr Bean – a commoner with city car as Mini and also a British spy in ‘Johnny English Reborn’ actually drove Rolls Royce in the TV show and the movie, respectively. Rolls Royce’s flagship car comes with a humongous 6.7 L V12 engine, pumping 563 bhp; 900 Nm torque to give a top speed of 155mph being such a giant of a luxurious car.

TVR Tuscan

Swordfish (2001) – An American action thriller starring John Travolta, loved by many gave the world and American audience, the desire to own a quirky British sports car with its action sequence and the car used was a TVR Tuscan. This unorthodox sports car from back in the day has a 4 L inline 6 engine with 360 bhp; 900 Nm torque. Such a compact car flat out would reach 195 mph.

Lotus Esprit

There are very few cars driven and shown off in James Bond movies besides the iconic Aston Martin. One such car is Lotus Esprit which was used in the popular 1977 movie, ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ starring Roger Moore. And what is even more surprising is that the Lotus Esprit was not just driven around but was custom modified as a car-submarine; a very unique sci-fi touch in the 70s. The road legal version of this Lotus car comes with a 3.5 L V8 engine giving out 349.9 bhp and 480 Nm torque with top speed of 175 mph.

Jaguar E-type

Jaguar E-type is one of the most loved classic cars today and often debated to be the most beautiful car designed to date, was seen in a quirky avatar in the famous comic film Austin Powers (1967) played by Mike Myers. This classic car can have a 3.7 L or 5.3 L V6/V12 engine pumping 265-314 bhp with 385-473 Nm torque. E-type tops its speed at 153 mph

So, you may choose a car for your convenience and daily use but still feel like a film star relating to their chase sequences in the films. Everyone has a right to enjoy themselves and be in the shoes of a secret spy at times or maybe drive and feel like they are on a heist on their way back home. Whichever may be the case, cars will always bring the kid in you wanting for more and more.

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