Watch Your Time

By Smriti Agrahari

What do Mickey Mouse Keith Haring and Swatch have in common? An artist, a cartoon character, and a watch brand may not seem obvious bedfellows? Well, the Swiss watch brand has tome together with the artists work on the cartoon for a timepiece collection. So it’s time to Watch your Time.

Brands coming together to create a collection has been a powerful mode to evolve creativity. Swatch brings joy to us this new year while announcing a new series of Mickey Mouse watches based on original drawings by street artist Keith Haring.

This new collection of three new timepieces are part of the story that began back in 1986 when the iconic Disney’s Mickey picked new partners.

The late Haring’s aesthetics, colours and use of graffiti give the collection vibrant energy and makes the character of Mickey Mouse into wearable art.

Intending to make the artwork accessible to all, the brand has collaborated with Kiki Picasso, David Chapelle, Alfred Hofkunst, and many more. This time the collectible collection is inspired by the public art which can be witnessed not only across the streets and subways of New York City but worldwide.

Right now, brighter is infinitely better, and Mouse Mariniere makes a colour confident statement with a solid and striped red strap, taking inspiration from Mickey’s iconic shorts. Haring’s illustration of Disney’s most famous character is etched on the glass watch case that sits atop a red and white striped dial for added depth and movement.

Disney’s well-loved character, captured by Haring, takes centre stage on the dial of Mickey Blanc. Sur Noir, while the pop of yellow cut-out hands and strap loop perfectly offset the minimalist monochrome design.

Haring’s typical black and white curved lines showcase Mickey Mouse in all his glory on Eclectric Mickey, in hand with the known Swatch primary colours. Also available as a coveted Swatch Maxi watch measuring over 2 meters, Maxi Electric Mickey is as functional as it is collectable.

The collection is available as of 7th January 2021 online.

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