Watches to watch for

By Smriti Agrahari

Collaborations have been a powerful medium to evolve creativity and variations. The brand picks new taste and the partners revive their recognition, be it high-fashion or in streetwear. A watch is a decidedly smaller canvas to exhibit creativity, the resulting collaborations are arguably that much more unique, because even the smallest details have a dramatic impact on an original silhouette. The new range of Swatch in collaboration with A Bathing Ape are, Watches to watch for.

Since decades Swatch has embraced the notion of “a watch as a fashion statement.” As such, they knew individuality was almost as important as the utilitarian function of the watch itself. The product range engaged artists and other luminaries to craft unique versions. Although there are plenty of Swatch collaborations to choose from, here is the recent partnerships that stand out above, adding creative excellence to the brand image. It became an instantly recognizable timepiece even from afar, so too had the colorful abstractions of BAPE.

Swatch and A BATHING APE (BAPE) now show their love for the city famous for its edgy street fashion with the launch of a special edition. The new watch and third in the series of the collaboration embodies the same disruptive and unconventional flair as its predecessors but with a host of details designed to appeal to those with distinctive London style. Streetwear flair meets innovative world-renowned watchmaking.

This exclusive model is available as of 26 December 2020 in selected London Swatch stores (Oxford Street and Carnaby Street), BAPE’s Conduit Street Store and Swatch UK e-commerce.

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