WATER: Making Our Mouths Water

By Jo Phillips

Delicious food can make anyone’s mouth water, so to continue with the Water theme of July, the focus here will be not just any jewellery, but jewellery inspired by mouth-watering food.

From savory entrées to sweet desserts, stylish brands are creating pieces based off of food to add to their collections.

One designer has created her own pasta line: At once elegant and ironic, the bronze creations in the shape of penne, farfalle and fusilli pastas made by Madina Visconti become precious jewels or decorations.

Likewise, Australian designer Lucy Folk has given a go at creating food-inspired jewellery.  She has designed some high-fashion fruit necklaces.  For example, she has made a banana split necklace, along with other pieces that coincide with the fruit theme.  Hand made in Crochet Metallic Thread, Powder Coated Steel, Sterling Silver, and Yellow Gold Plate, the banana split necklace makes a statement.



This trend truly is growing on a global scale; not only do the two aforementioned designers from Italy and Australia, respectively, have food-inspired jewelelry pieces, but British designer Tatty Devine has hopped on the bandwagon as well.  One piece featured on her website is the Cheeseburger Necklace.  The bun of the burger is laser-cut from walnut wood and adorned with sparkling Swarovski crystals as sesame seeds.

As if the cheeseburger isn’t enough to make mouths water, Tatty Devine also has made a Popcorn Necklace.  Three resin beads pose as popped kernels, and they hang from a gold chain to transform the delicious snack into a valuable piece of jewelry.

Another jewellery design has followed suit – Gavin Turk from True Rock has created Bitten: the limited edition rich tea biscuit.  This traditional British snack can be bought in yellow gold, rose gold, or silver, and the fact that the biscuit has a bite taken out of it adds to the playfulness of the piece.


This food-inspired jewellery has made the mouths of the .Cent team water… has it made yours?

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