WATER: Timeless Watches

By Jo Phillips

Water. A mark of regeneration, rebirth and purity, found in the most precious of places. Ice cold and soothing – it can purify a soul. A watch is woman’s and mans best friend that travels everywhere with them, they are never without them.


Sleek and smart is two very common words when used to describe to Rado’s collection. Cool like water, it’s glacial designs set to win the hearts of watch lovers all over. The colour pallet is full of icy whites, light cold hues of lilac and charcoal black to it’s algific interior.

RADO 1Rado’s  True Thinline’s mantra, is strength. It’s versatility makes it special as It’s high tech ceramic construction makes it perfect for practical everyday wear. As for decoration, it’s an elegant piece that will make a classic statement no matter where it goes – through the day right up to the evening.



Timex originals present to you a classic collection of effortless time pieces crafted with care and passion. These designs are both classic and unique, with their simple, bold analog dials that hold onto their popularity and have stood against the race of time.



Boy Friend collection

Chanel takes a new approach to ladies watches by adding a refreshing new twist to it. Chanel anthropomorphises the collection by comparing it to a boyfriend to instill the knowledge and to break the stereotype that time pieces are ladies’ best friends as well as a men’s. Classy yet mellow, it opens up a window to the soul.

chanel 1

Basel 2015

The Premier watch was the first exclusive watch to be beautifully crafted in 1987 by Chanel. Inspired by the iconic Chanel bottle stopper, the Premier time piece has become an enchanting, iconic design over the years. The J12 time piece was the first revolutionary watch that dared to transform a hard wearing ceramic material into a precious jewel. Chanel explores subtle and delicate pieces that Playing on colour the style sees a transformation from charcoal black to crystal white. The colour palette ignites a vibe that is pure and delicate marking the bold transformation into classic watch into a contemporary masterpiece. The collection entitled ‘Mademoiselle Prive’ opens up the world of Gabrielle Chanel, to showcase her inspiration.


Richard Mille RM016

While Richard Mille watch prices tend to be on the higher end of the spectrum, this ultra thin design adds durability to the idea of classiness. Coming in Rose Gold, this sense of femininity is at home on any wrist. Incorporating a sense of futurism to the age-old watch design usually means digitising it. This is a taste of the past without clunky, annoying buttons sticking out.  


Tissot’s unbreakable designs are still going strong. Bold and daring, it sets to break the boundaries by creating its own unique design and infrastructure. Tissot Seastar 1ooo merges style and performance without any hesitation. The diving inspiration shapes both the appearance and the functionality of this watch. It maintains its performance to a pressure of 30 bar (300 m/ 1,000 ft), combining underwater sports and a preference for a sophisticated Swiss timepiece. The diving theme continues through elements such as a unidirectional bezel, a strap with a diver’s buckle and extension. This makes it the perfect time piece to go exploring in the sea with.
ti1Tissots Flamingo is a classic silver plated watch, that is illuminated in style. Its contemporary design is combined with Swiss quality. Its names derives from the slim flamingo style expressing vast amounts of femininity. This sits well for the woman who is ready for a night of class and elegance.


Calvin Klein

Texture is everything in Calvin Klein’s Future collection. Beginning with silky smooth finishes and moving to a more scrunched up edgy style, it really takes into mind the material texture as well as design.

CK1 resized

Edgy and volumized, it’s a great waterproof gadget inspired by urban spaces. Calvin Klein’s Future collection includes vertical lines that travels across the dial for a modern and contemporary look. The case on this is a powerful polished and brushed stainless steel and is accented by a black, blue or silver dial, and available with a black or blue rubber strap for a strong look.

CK2 resized


Hamilton has no fears when submerged in water. Its confidence is still as radiant as it hits the water, untouched and unaffected. Water resistant, powerful, the Railroad lady certainly allow wearers to travel light. The case is asymmetrical, and its high-tech coating has shaping alluding to pioneering models from the brand’s rich history.

R3 (nas.)

IWC Schaffhausen

Strong and bold is a key asset in IWC Shaffhausen collection. Beautiful gold detailing adds a classic spin on a contemporary design. It’s a feminised version of a masculine watch.

W1 1

Paul smith

Big and beautiful, the time pieces Paul Smith delivers never fail to be unique. The large face and strap allows strength for both feminine or masculine wearers, allowing versatility for day time or evening wear.

paul smithPatek Philippe

The classic steal grey, and tortoise strap is back once again thanks to Patek Philippe. The silver detailing adds aquatic vibes to the timeless pieces. The glacial colour pallet reminds us of icy pools of water. patek resized

Vacheron Constatin

Vacheron does not keep quiet when it comes to manufacturing beautiful time pieces. Feminine watches are made loud and proud in Vacheron’s collection. Entitled Harmony, it stays true to its name, as it’s a delightful colourful piece.



Bold and beautiful, the  Tonda 1950 Squelette showcases intricate mechanisms and features with a complex design. It has been created with an extremely delicate external interior designed artistically by the greatest of designers.



Hermes takes women’s elegance to the next level. With Hermes classy discreet time pieces, this is something that will make you stand out from the crowd in an elegant fashion. Silver and gold details add to the sophisticated ambiance of these precious time pieces.

R2 (nas.)Baume et Mercier

Each timepiece in the Capeland Shelby Cobra collection is designed to capture the spirit and power of Cobra.  The straps are elegant in design, created with black alligator and red calfskin rubber-like lining, grey stitching and triple-folding clasp with security push pieces.


This collection is a chronograph powered by a Swiss-made self-winding movement.  It is distinguished by its retro accents, classic lines, chronograph and tachymeter functions and specially crafted hands featuring the Cobra logo.


Bau 2


“The Idea of fossil was to sell a dream when our competitors were selling accessories.” – Kosta Kartsotis. Chairman and CEO.

Since 1984, Fossil has always been inspired by all things curious. The passion that drives fossil towards this curiosity was built upon a long journey. From a small watch business to a strong accessory brand, their brand has flourished, exceeding its very own standards.

resized watches


Caravelle embodies the fresh, fast paced energy of New York city. A place where fashion is born ever minute and the streets are the runways, this defines the life in a city as a limitless possibility.

Caravelle Resized

Abbott Lyon

Abbot Lyon’s collection of time pieces resonate sporty vibes straight from the polo field. The fabric straps resonate a summer vibe and bring us closer to the beach and away from the chaos of the city.


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