WEAVE: Versace designs for Disaronno

By Jo Phillips

Cent - Disaronno Wears Versace


Disaronno has been “Dressed by Versace” ahead of this year’s Christmas season, in the 2nd of Disaronno’s Italian Collaborations as part of its ongoing involvement with the Fashion 4 Development Charity.  Proceeds from the sales of the limited edition liqueur will go towards the development of this unique project in Africa.

The iconic bottle joined forces last year with Moschino and has furthered it’s decadent style credentials with a classic Versace print in lavish blues and gold tones, taken from the eye-catching Versace Home Collection.

Furthermore, Rod Eslamieh, Disaronno’s UK Brand Ambassador has created a pretty spectacular looking cocktail in honour of the collaboration, which will be on exclusive sale until Christmas at the Ritz London’s Rivoli Bar.  The Disaronno Sour, containing Disaronno, Vermouth, sour notes of lime, Blue Curacao, Prosecco and topped with REAL gold leaf,  the cocktail is almost too pretty to drink.


Cent - Disaronno_Versace_SourCocktail

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