Woven; My Wardrobe Mistakes

By Sophie Field

My Wardrobe Mistakes is an online platform built on heritage clothing.

Engrained within the ways in which we transfer, give, share our clothing, whether passed down from mothers to daughters, fathers to sons, siblings or between friends, we share our clothes as part of a beautiful human tradition routed in connection, memory and heritage.

19Photo courtesy of My Wardrobe Mistakes, Isabel Marant Etoile chiffon Saphir dress and Saint Laurent sunglasses

My Wardrobe Mistakes is a unique collection of second-hand pieces, giving second chances to pieces bought but not worn, cherished but a size too big, loved impulsively, perhaps mistakenly. MWM recycles these forgotten and amazing pieces, paying homage to the idea of one person’s “Trash is another’s treasure”- and providing new lives to these clothing, bags, shoes and accessories across the world.

MWM’s beginnings lie in a group of friends from London, Paris and Milan, sharing between themselves their individual collections of fashion “mistakes” and unwanted clothing gathering dust. This then became an ingenious business venture into the future of selling and sharing clothing. Its founder, Virginie Alvarez, decided, that after ten years of being on the inside, working for some of the most internationally renowned names across fashion and accessories, and after birthing several children, that it was time to do something not just for herself but for many other women.

The result was an online platform from which to re-sell high-quality fashion items, buy fashion items, accompanied by a concierge service- a service providing everything from simple pickups to wardrobe consultations and styling advice. Another exciting part of the website is their Private Detective Service- offering a bespoke team of fashion experts who claim to be able to find any item, anywhere. So if you’re still dreaming of the one that got away- then your chance in a million may just have a got a little bigger!

DSC01901Photo courtesy of My Wardrobe Mistakes, Gucci Bag

You don’t have to work in fashion to know that it hasn’t the greenest of footprints and although sustainable and eco-friendly fashion is becoming a more visible part of high street fashion as well as designer fashion shows and catwalks, there is still much room for improvement.

We have to remember that fashion is not just the set of beautiful clothes we see on hangers, tantalizing consumerist eyes on shop floors, but the result of a whole host of farming, harvesting, extraction and manufacturing processes that come before this end product, emissions and waste playing a huge part in all of this. With the Fashion industry being an exorbitant consumer of cotton, where 20,000 litres of water are required to grow enough of the crop to make one singular t-shirt or dress, the figurative weight of fashion can be seen. Next, look to the ecosystems across the world being destroyed as a result of trees being cut down to make our clothing. Then think about the dyeing processes and wastage leaking into our water systems.

MyWardrobeMistakes not only salvages the wreckage of clothing at the bottom of your wardrobe but also does its bit to fight waste; continuing the cycle of fashion as it should be, recycling and sharing, becoming an inherently green platform through which to battle immense waste.

DSC02313 2Photo courtesy of My Wardrobe Mistakes- Balenciaga Scarf

The site offers bespoke, 5 star and hands-free quality service for buyers and sellers alike, as well as providing at its essence the most beautiful, timeless and always unique pieces.


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