Writing Scent Stories.

By Noemie Hamon

Nature is the greatest reserve for sourcing natural scents in our world. Are these scents the secret of perfume’s perfection? The creator extirpates scents from our planet, before mixing them with science to create bottles of divine elixir. It is so often that these precious perfumes create memories for us, this is because our sense of smell is right next to our memory in the brain. This is why so many perfume-makers tell a story to go with a fragrance. But what is a perfumer? They are the people who create scents often presenting a story to go with. But what about a perfume-maker that makes fragrances and leaves us to make our own memories? Embark on a new trip in fragrance with Writing Scent Stories.

As a very brief overview, it is worth explaining some of the first uses of scents were in Ancient Egypt with incense. Then ingredients were added during the Middle Ages when adventurers came back from Asia and America continents. After that, the perfume world was subverted in the 19th century, when synthetic fragrances were created, man-made in laboratories.

Your Own Scent Story

Today, we have a wonderful plethora of choices in fragrance. Therefore, it can be difficult to find your own individual perfume. Finding a personal scent is often driven by a story already given by the person that created the scent. However, a new refreshing brand called 27 87 allows each of us to build a story and set of memories by delivering a set of beautifully blended scents without a pre-written narrative.

Your Own Scent Story

In fact, with these perfumes, every wearer will be free to create their own world, their own memories. This is the guiding line of the creator of this new line so meet Romy Kowalewski.

Your Own Scent Story

Romy Kowalewski

The 27 87 name is linked to Romy’s birthday wanting to refer to the audience of the product i.e. young people from her generation.

The wearer is the centre of attention; each creates their own journey with the scent and from that makes their own memories from the fragrance. Therefore, this creates a really fresh facet in the world of perfume.

Consequently, the bottle is a reflection of this guiding principle behind the brand. They come in both white or black bottles and nothing more than the name of the product and brand. Therefore, the wearer is not influenced before wearing it but is able to almost paint their own picture. However, each bottles’ outer packaging reflects the idea and concept behind the ingredients.

Firstly, each fragrance is a coming together of exquisite ingredients from the best of nature and the best of synthetics. Secondly, it results as a perfect blend of nature and nurture.

Starting with Hamaca: Find here nature’s wonderful Madagascan Vanilla alongside man-made synthetic marine accord. Then, sandalwood, coconut, and Tonka bean are perfectly melded together.

There is Wandervogel, with natural parts that include exotic shiso, anise, white floral, fennel, with a rare Moroccan mint. Added to the above are man-made marine notes, musk, and subtle sand accords. Furthermore, the fluid blue lines on the packaging are an invitation to discover the freshness of the natural ingredients present in this perfume.

Discover #Hashtag next. Natural Moroccan cedarwood, violet leaves, and iris assemble with synthetic scents: Somalian incense, frankincense, and aldehydes. Finally, explore its synthetic metallic facet. In conclusion, the result is a smoky, fresh, and metallic implosion of Nature.

Furthermore, the three other perfumes are fragrances that can be adapted to every moment of the wearer’s life.

Let’s highlight the naturally woody and musky notes combined with pepper and vetiver; without forgetting facets of amber in Genetic bliss.

Then explore Sónar with its natural wood, pepper, saffron, tuberose, vanilla, amber, and bergamot scents. After that, find unusual human-made beer and burnt rubber scents in a wonderful accord.

To finish, find Elixir de bombe. Most importantly, its spicy notes of red pepper, ginger, tangy tangerine added to glamorous notes of ylang-ylang, rose, and raspberry. Ultimately, they combine perfectly with the last ingredients human-made scent of caramel, leather, and amber.

Often, perfumes’ stories impose themselves. However, here each wearer has an opportunity to start their very own personal story; paint a unique canvas.

Now there is only one question left: Where do you want your perfume to take you? What stories do you want to create?

Finally, if you want to discover more about these perfumes you saw in pictures, you can find them all here on the 27 87 website.

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